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02 September 2012

Best Vacuum

An Impartial Review Of The Amazing Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum 
By Sinea Pies

For those who have followed Ducks 'n a Row for any time, you know that the struggle getting pet hair off of carpeting, floors and furniture has been a hot topic for me. I love my dogs and I love their fur--when it's on them. When it's on other stuff?  Not so much.  

Not long ago I wrote an article about dog hair called Pet Hair-Tips For Dog Owners On How To Keep Your House Clean where I explored the dilemma, offering many solutions including grooming the dog (or cat) more frequently, utilizing various tools created to remove fur from the scene and using Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Odor Eliminator carpet powder (it works really well).

But what I did NOT have was a great vacuum to recommend. In fact, the various ones I had tried were mediocre at best. Though top filling and "heppa filtered" they lost their suction power early in the game. Lint and fur were left behind no matter how many times I passed that vacuum over the same area. Ever had that problem?  
How about this one?  Even with a heppa filter, the dust returns to the air while in use or when the canister is being emptied. The outside of the vacuum is dirtier than the carpets were! That had been my ongoing experience. 

And then I saw it--an infomercial called "The Best Vacuum Ever". 

I totally avoid infomercials. From start to finish, they're trying to sell me something. Their claims are spectacular and staged. 

Who knows if those so-called "testimonials" are real? What if I pay for it and it is less than wonderful? Would I be stuck?  

But I had insomnia that night and late-night TV was worse than ever so, I gave it a whirl. Before long, I had watched the whole thing. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum sounded like a dream come true. The price was great and it came with a free steam mop, too. 

My son's girlfriend's mom had the steam mop already and I knew she loved it for her hardwood floors (yes, hardwoods!). So, there was one recommendation for a Shark product.  Should I order it?  Should I pass it by? It was a dilemma.
See Shark Navigator Lift-Away Infomercial Here 
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Just a few days later, I discovered that my sister-in-law had one! She hadn't even used it yet. She was going out of town so I asked the unthinkable--could I borrow her brand new Shark vacuum for a day? She said "yes". 

I didn't even have directions but it is SO easy that I figured out the basics on my own and tried it on my NAVY BLUE carpeting. Well, it should be navy blue. It was covered in white fur from my beautiful yellow lab, Lexi.  I mean covered.  EMBEDDED fur! 

So, I vacuumed. Within moments, the carpet was totally clean.  It was the completely gorgeous navy blue color I love once more. 

Now, this part really sold me: I had the literal PLEASURE of emptying the canister, which was filled with dirt, lint and fur. With the flip of two switches and press of a button, the canister released from the housing, opened as I held it over a trash can, and "WHOOSH" all the debris swept out into the trash.  NO DUST OR DIRT ON THE OUTSIDE! No cloud of stuff in the air. Clean, clean, clean! 

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum is:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Simple to use
  • Thorough in cleaning
  • Never loses suction
  • Internally sealed--no dirt escapes it
  • Stores easily
  • Priced very reasonably ($179.00 to $199.00)
You can buy one from any number of sources including Kohl's or Amazon but if you buy it from the manufacturer, they may still be running that special. If they are, it is worth it to get the free steam mop. Do remember, there is always going to be shipping and handling unless you go into a store to buy one.

Do you love your vacuum? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

Note: this author is not an affiliate of the Shark vacuum company and receives no commissions on vacuums purchased directly from the manufacturer. As an affiliate of Amazon and through Google Adsense, purchases placed through the links on this blog do pay me a small dividend. 
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