Ducks 'n a Row: 7 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Best

15 November 2012

7 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Best

By Sinea Pies

I don't know about you but Thanksgiving has totally taken me by surprise this year! November 22? Who would have thought? There is so much to do.

We all look forward to (and dread?) the holidays. They come with anticipation of wonderful times with family and friends and they come with stress....lots of stress

"Baby" by Tom Clare on Freedigital Photos

My latest article on Angela Coffman's website Grocery Shrink will help us regroup and make these weeks of celebration a joy to remember! 

Thank you, Angela, for inviting me to guest post for you. It is a pleasure!

Guest post on Grocery Shrink: "
7 Ways to Make Lasting Holiday Memories

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Memories of Holidays Past...

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