Ducks 'n a Row: Organize Your Laundry Room Brilliantly

05 November 2012

Organize Your Laundry Room Brilliantly

By Sinea Pies

I love organized rooms. Laundry rooms are especially challenging but oh-so gratifying when they are pretty and neat.

I just saw this guest post by Ashli of Minimanor Blog and was taken by the simplicity of her perfectly organized laundry room. Check it out! UHeart Organizing-A Little Love For Laundry.

Everything is functional,  common-sense, neat and clean. Pretty to look at, too. Can you imagine having an attractive laundry room? Wow!

What I LOVE, and you will too, is the PIGGY BANK! All those loose coins that dropped out of pockets can finally have a home. Had you ever thought of doing that? Not me. But now I want one!

Got any great ideas for organizing your laundry room? We'd love to hear about it.

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Photo Credit: Piggy Bank by Grant Cochrane on 
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