Ducks 'n a Row: Christmas Wreaths

14 December 2012

Christmas Wreaths

By Sinea Pies

When you hear "the holidays", what first comes to mind? For many, it's the beauty of twinkling lights, mirrored ornaments glistening on a tree,  and a variety of memorable Christmas stories and songs.

Decorating is a big part of Christmas tradition. What do you love? I have several favorites: Christmas trees, lovely centerpieces on a holiday table and wreaths. I have two beautiful new wreaths on the front of my house (pictured below) and one over the mantel in my family room.

My new "Martha Stewart" Christmas wreaths.

Though I am able to create my own wreaths (photo in A Festival of Holiday Wreaths), others do it so much better than I this year I'll appreciate their creativity instead.

This Christmas Burlap Wreath made by Jen of Four Marrs & One Venus is so engaging that I had to Pin it the moment I saw it. Isn't it beautiful?

She shares a tutorial on her site so that you can make one, too!
Click here: How to make a Christmas Burlap Wreath
When you stop by, let her know where you found her?

So, what are YOUR favorite decorations?
Nativity Scenes?
Christmas Stockings?
Christmas Trees?
Colorful Christmas Cookies on a tray?

Share you holiday delights with us!

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