Ducks 'n a Row: Graham Cracker Cottages

04 December 2012

Graham Cracker Cottages

By Sinea Pies

Here is a great holiday project for you and your children - or grandchildren - to make together: Graham Cracker Cottages. It is so much FUN-everyone will love it!  

In this post you will find directions and recipes, a quick video that is oh-so helpful, and an inspiring picture of an entire village of beautiful graham cracker cottages. Soon you will be so good at this, you'll be making villages, too. 

So, let's get started...

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What you will need:
Graham Crackers
Sugar Cones
(check out the variety of possibilities in the video below)
Royal Icing
Plastic Bags (re-closable)
 Serrated Knife
(cardboard or paper plate)

3 minute VIDEO: How to Make Graham Cracker Cottages by Martha Stewart
*If you are reading this by email, click on the post title to view the video.

Recipe for Royal Icing*
*Royal Icing is the mortar that you will pipe onto the pieces to hold the structure together.
3 T. meringue powder
4 cups confectioner's  sugar
6 T. water  
Beat ingredients together for about 7 minutes you can form peaks. This icing dries very quickly. Put it in the re-closable plastic bags from which you will pipe it. To prevent it from hardening, keep air out of the bag. Any leftover icing in the bowl can be kept moist by placing a damp towel over the bowl.

Note: Royal Icing can be made with egg whites or meringue. Whatever the recipe you use, it is designed to be a sweet, sturdy and edible "glue". It is also used for decoration. This recipe is Royal Icing II from Allrecipes.
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How To Make Graham Cracker Cottages
Be sure to watch the video in this post for a great visual on how it's done!

Use paper plates or cardboard as a base.
Tip: If you first cover your work space with paper, cleanup will be much easier!
  • Mix up a batch of Royal Icing and load it into plastic bags. Press air out, to keep the icing moist, and seal. 
  • Cut the end of one corner off of each bag to make a hole where you will squeeze the icing through.
  • Take several graham crackers and carefully cut some in points for rooftops, using your serrated knife.
  • Pipe a little bit of icing on the end of the rectangular graham crackers and stick them onto the plate. These will be the sides and roof of your cottages. Pipe icing on sides to adhere them to each other making corners of the structure.
  • Spread icing on sides and roof to attach candies such as Necco Wafers and M & M's,  or even pieces of Chex cereal. The wafers can be overlapped like tiles.
Tip: Graham Cracker Cottages are small enough that it is not necessary to use cardboard backing for support. If you wish to make a larger structure, you will first want to gird it up with cardboard as framework. 

Bonus: Here are some amazing Gingerbread Houses you can make! Gingerbread Houses.

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Photo Credits: 

  • Little girl making graham cracker house by Aunt Owwee on Flicker commons
  • Graham Cracker Cottage Village by Becca from Home Is Where My Story Begins.
  • Little lab puppy from Dogs We Love dot com.
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