Ducks 'n a Row: Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #2

18 December 2012

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #2

By Sinea Pies
Welcome to our Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. Bloggers will be sharing their wonderful posts as photo-links at the end of this post. Click on them and check out some new sites! You may find some that you'll want to "like" on Facebook or become a follower.

As we enjoy the holiday season, some people have BIRTHDAYS now, too. I am one of them: December 8. (Crossed into the next decade this year. Didn't hurt a bit!)

Having a December birthday has its disadvantages. Gifts and celebrations are already plentiful and your birthday can become "just one more thing" competing with everything else. 

My family is teeming with December births. We have my birthday (Dec. 8), my brother Seth's (Dec.17), and my husband Steve's and my best friend Ro's (both Dec. 22), and two of our granddaughters: MacKenzie (Dec. 12) and and Bella (Dec, 19). Plus, our anniversary is at the end of November and we also celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years. WOW! Lots of parties and presents. 

One year my parents hosted a small family get together for my real birthday and threw a half-year pool party to entertain my friends in the summer, just to set it apart. They understood the dilemma.

When I saw this post by Julie at Naptime Review, it really caught my eye. I love a Baking Party theme for children's parties and it's such a nice departure from the holiday themes of December. Julie found a very creative way of making this special birthday event outstanding!

Stop by Julie's site at Naptime Review for all the birthday fun for her daughter Averie's 4th birthday  ... and check out the adorable personalized chef hats. Gotta love 'em.

Wonderful Wednesday is here! Add your posts, visit sites, let them know you stopped by. :)
NOTE: I just got my 400th Facebook Fan and it was so exciting. When you "like" or subscribe to someone else's site, it really makes their day. 

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