Ducks 'n a Row: Bridal Shower Invitations

11 January 2013

Bridal Shower Invitations

By Sinea Pies

Yes, we're having a shower. A bridal shower, to be exact. My dear granddaughter, Sara, is getting married. What fun to get to celebrate it with her! 

This will be the first really big event in our home since we renovated. The new dining-room and widened kitchen just lend themselves to accommodating more guests and, since I am currently not employed, I have lots of time to host it. The wedding is in March so we selected a February date and are making it a Valentine's Day theme.

First on the agenda: invite guests. Sara and her mom, our daughter Shannon, gave me a list and I took over from there.  Though there are plenty of bridal shower invitations available in stores, I decided that I would rather make them myself and invest what I saved in other parts of the event. Frugal living.
Front of the Invitation
The backside of the invitation included date, time, location, etc.

Would love to say that I had super-software like Photoshop to design it but that's not the case. Instead, I used my skills on Microsoft Word and adjusted, adjusted, adjusted. 
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The greatest challenge I ran into was getting everything centered so that we could get four, two-sided invitations on a sheet of card stock  Plus, I was using text blocks to hold the heart-shaped images. Getting them to stay in place was interesting ...a battle that I won, I am happy to report.  

Bridal Shower Invitation DIY To-Do List
Design the invites 
Create address labels
Purchase: Clear address labels
Invitation Envelopes
Postage Stamps (red heart stamps!)
Colored Index Cards*
Heart Shaped Mini-Stickers

I chose pink and orange index cards for the insert and decorated them with a glittery red heart sticker to make them look festive. Guests are being asked to write out their favorite recipe for Sara to bring with them to the shower.
Front of invitation with recipe card inserts.
Printing the cards with a really crisp print was very important. Inkjet doesn't do that. So, I took the design on my flash-drive to Staples. They printed and cut them for me at a very reasonable price. Perfect!  

Clear address labels printed with an elegant font made the envelopes (white) look great, especially when adorned with the bright red stamps that say "Love". 
Thank you UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE for decorating our envelopes so beautifully. Pretty.

Have you ever hosted a bridal shower?
Love to get your wisdom on it.
What works? What not-so-much?
Tell us in the comments....PLEASE! 
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