Ducks 'n a Row: Help! The Devil Won't Let Me Organize!

03 January 2013

Help! The Devil Won't Let Me Organize!

By Sinea Pies

Yes, that's right. It's not my fault. Someone's out to get me and it has to be the devil! Who is more opposed to order and in favor of chaos than he? Just when it looks like the coast is clear, "life" gets in the way and all my well-intentioned plans go right out the window. 

First, we got a puppy. Not the devil - it was our idea - and we are so glad we did but why can't she follow the rules? Just as she catches onto things, she gets bored and starts projects of her own. Today was "rug day." I think she was definitely taking advantage of a situation. I've been battling a cold and outdoor time in the snow was just "potty and in again". She was bored. So, she chewed on rugs and carpets and moved them around a bit.

Five month old SADIE enjoying "RUG DAY"! 
Big-sis dog LEXI totally not interested in RUG DAY, sleeping right through it.

Then my dear 86 years-young dad and my much younger dear husband both had times in the hospital. Dad 3 or 4 stays. Hubby? One for 8 days with followup in-home nursing care for a month. How do you plan for that? You don't! 

Now, I have a cold. It's a mild one but it slows things up.

So, what do you do when LIFE HAPPENS?  
How do you move ahead when the tide is pulling you back?

BRILLIANT-ISH IDEA: using my own strategy featured in "Take Control, Clean a Drawer" today I took on little tasks that have been looming in the background. Things that need to happen but NEVER happen because I'm too busy doing everything else.  To start with, I finally mounted the cute sign I got from my kids for Christmas. It's been leaning up against the wall waiting to find a home.
Don't you love it?
I measured, leveled and hung my new plaque on the kitchen wall.
And there it is!
And then I began the not-so-fun task of cleaning my window blinds in my dining-room  Not a great sick-day activity but they've been really bugging me. I have a bridal shower for my granddaughter Sara coming up in my home. Better get started on them now. Tomorrow I'll finish. ("Please, Lord?")

Though I didn't make great strides, it feels so good to have accomplished two things that have been waiting and waiting for attention. 

Got big plans for 2013?
How's your to-do list look?
When life gets in the way, how do you compensate?

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