Ducks 'n a Row: Sandwich Recipes

13 January 2013

Sandwich Recipes

By Sinea Pies

Today we're celebrating sandwiches and 
our featured blogs 
all have excellent, elegant sandwich recipes! 

You can't eat sandwiches everyday, can you? 
Why not? 
Sandwiches embody most every food group. 
This month Skinnytaste offered up this amazing  open faced tuna sandwich with one of my favorite ingredients, avocado
Doesn't get healthier than that, and so pretty! 

Open Faced Tuna Sandwich With Avocado And Sprouts

I Thee Cook's "Make Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches"

Now this one is a real winner for me. I love eggs and I love breakfast-- but there are so few ways to make them ahead and have them taste right. 
The moment I saw this post I knew it was for me. 
The ingredients are simple: eggs, milk, baking powder, basic seasonings and optional meats, veggies and cheeses according to taste. 
Served on an English Muffin and FREEZABLE!  
Rina, the talent behind I Thee Cook, got a new friend out of me with this one.  How about you?

Slow Cooker BBQ Rootbeer Chicken Sandwiches  
What's Cooking in the Burbs 

The title of this recipe is a "mouthful" and so is this sandwich. 
Anyone who is a barbecue fan will love this! 
What really interested me was the root beer component. 
Just enough sweet to make it extra good!
Recipe courtesy of What's Cooking in the Burbs.

Do you have any great sandwich ideas? 
What do you like best?
Tell us about it in the comments.

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