Ducks 'n a Row: Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #4

01 January 2013

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #4

By Sinea Pies

Welcome to the best year ever: 2013! Yes, it's going to be a great year and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Today is the first Blog Hop of the year and my first opportunity in 2013 to spotlight some other great blogs.

CRAFTS and OTHER LOVELY THINGS: Vanessa from NiftyThriftyThings always has such beautiful photos. Her "best of" post from last year is a how-to on making your own DIY Washi Tape. If you love craft projects, you're going to love this!

COUPON SAVINGS: As you know, I've featured several coupon savings sites in the past months but this one is particularly inspiring. 

Sarah Roe is the Money Saving Queen and she went from a dire poverty situation with her own family to building this extremely successful blog, making available all that she's learned as a very smart shopper. DEALS GALORE! 

She has written a very helpful post to get us started in "Couponing World"
Check it out: "How to Start Couponing in 2013"
Sarah Roe, the "Money Saving Queen"

ORGANIZING: I have a number of favorite organizing blogs, one of which is "Organize and Decorate Everything". Leanne has started a New Year's Organizing Revolution" in which you may want to participate. Take a look at this beautiful office area, nestled in a corner. Don't you wish it were yours? 
Now, for the blog hop. Lots of great blogs are sharing their best below. If you are a blogger, please enter your links. If not, don't miss this opportunity to discover some new favorites. 
EVERYONE visit, comment, "like", subscribe. Enjoy!

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