Ducks 'n a Row: Great Coffee - Save Time & Money, Enjoying Great Coffee All Day Long

21 February 2013

Great Coffee - Save Time & Money, Enjoying Great Coffee All Day Long

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Coffee lovers: don't you just love a great cup of coffee? Hot? Flavorful? Robust with aroma?
Coffee lovers: don't you just hate the rest? Tepid. Tasteless. BURNT!

It's no wonder that so many have opted for spending big bucks at the drive-up window.  Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, Tim Horton's...even McDonald's is preferred over homemade. 

Please forgive me for bursting your bubble but the drive-up isn't nearly the time-saver you may think it to be. It definitely is a money maker -- for Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, Tim Horton's and McDonald's! It's a money sapper for you and for me. Time and money lost.

Quality decision: thinking frugally, let's first put our favorite Carmel Macchiato into the "very special purchase" category. We will only buy it "once-in-a-while".

But we MUST have COFFEE! 
A GREAT cup of coffee, every time.
I totally agree.

The dilemma: to save a fortune, I had already accepted that I was going to make the coffee myself but I was finding that I was making partial pots of coffee 3-5 times per day. This was the case when I worked in an office full-time and now as I write freelance at home. Why so often? It went bad all too soon. The heating element underneath the pot would do damage on the flavor. Given enough time, it smelled burnt and tasted bitter. Forget that! So, again and again I would make fresh.  

But that wastes coffee, costing more money.
And takes more time.

Then I received a gift. A wonderful gift from my sister-in-law: a coffee maker that pours the freshly brewed coffee in a carafe! The coffee stays hot without constant heating. The "burning" stopped. Took me a little while to realize that I no longer had to make new pots again and again all day.  

How To Save Time & Money and have GREAT COFFEE All Day Long.
Even if your coffee maker doesn't have it's own carafe, you can do this. 
It will save TIME and MONEY and you'll have great coffee all day long!

Here's how:
  • The Carafe: get an insulated carafe that keeps liquids hot.
  • Keep it Clean:  clean your coffee maker. Can't get good coffee out of one that is dirty.
  • Throw 'em out! Establish the habit of discarding the coffee grounds and filter soon as it's brewed. That way no latent drippings (bitter)  will be added to  your coffee as the day goes on. 
  • Use filtered water. Brita water pitchers are very affordable - under $30 and as low as $12. They are well worth the investment for coffee making as well as providing good tasting water for your family.
  • Brew the coffee and then pour it into your preheated, clean carafe. Keeping your carafe clean and preheating it first with hot water will help keep your coffee tasting good all day long. (see "heat your cup")
  • Heat your cup. When serving, preheat your coffee cup so that the coffee stays hot longer, just like you did with the carafe. Simply put very hot water in your cup and let it sit for a minute. Pour out the water, pour in the delicious hot coffee and enjoy!
  • Microwave. Late in the day, you may find that you will need to stoke up the heat a little bit. Preheat your cup, pour your coffee and then "nuke" it for 30 seconds. It will taste wonderful. 

coffee lover, how to make great coffee at home

Got any coffee making tips to share?
How do you do it?

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