Ducks 'n a Row: When Things Don't Get Done

15 February 2013

When Things Don't Get Done

By Sinea Pies

How's your To-Do List? Some days mine is awesome, a total success.  Each task boasts that it's "done" with a beautiful check-mark by its side. 

Other days, it's a disaster. I want to hide it. Tear it up. BURN it. Forget it all. Those are the days that, simply put, things don't get done.

Remembering that our lives are a work in progress helps. Nothing's perfect. If it were, we wouldn't need lists...we'd be so fine-tuned that the tasks would be virtually completed as fast as they showed up. 

That's an imaginary world.
In the real world, we need our lists.

Lists help us to:
Focus our attention
Plan implementation
Finish the job

But how about those days that the unplanned for occurs? There can be so many things come up that totally need our attention but were never expected. A sick child. Drop-in company. Something breaks (an appliance? a car?) You know. 

When those days occur - and they will - turn your "To Do List" in to a "Ta-Done List." How's that? Just add the things that you DID do to your To Do List and check THEM off, proving that your day was not a total loss...just redirected.  

It might look something like this:

Note that the three items that did get done were ADDED to the list after they took place - now making the To Do List a Ta-Done List. 

Everything you planned to do still needs to be done but it feels so much better to see what you did with your time. In this case, taking care of Johnny was far more important than washing a kitchen floor and it took all day (and probably into the night, too). 

When "those days" happen - and they will - be sure to add what you DID to your list and boldly check it off. See? You ARE a success. Your day WAS productive...just reinvented, that's all. Tomorrow will be another day and, with it,  another wonderful list.

What kind of lists do you use the most?
Tell us how you do it!

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