Ducks 'n a Row: Easter Candy & Decorations

28 March 2013

Easter Candy & Decorations

By Sinea Pies

This little post will hopefully bless those who:
  • Love celebrating holidays.
  • Have little time to produce or buy the decorations they love to see.
  • Are short on cash. "Decorations or food? Which will it be?"
All three categories are my story this year but, optimist that I am, I decided not to let it stop me. Looking for what I had on hand, this is what I came up with:
  • A new fluffy bunny (my granddaughter's, as of Easter dinner)
  • Little white cocktail plates (left over from the bridal shower that I hosted last month)
  • Green cocktail napkins (from Christmas)
  • Shiny pastel chocolate eggs (new)
Very simply, I cut down the cocktail napkin to fit the little white plate. Using scissors, I cut fringe all the way around. Piled the chocolate eggs on top and, 
voilá, you have an Easter candy plate for the table. Bunny is extra. 

How-to images below....and, stick around for the video!

Be creative and use what you have!

A little fringe makes it special.

Load it up with shimmery pastels and, now, you have something!

What have you planned for your Easter table?
Are you hosting or going to someone else's house?

In all this fun, let's remember to be thankful. He is the reason for the season. 
This adorable video, narrated by a 4 year old named Millie, tells it all. Share it with a child. :)

The Easter Story Video for Kids

Happy Easter!

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