Ducks 'n a Row: Beautifully Browned Pie Crust Every Time

24 March 2013

Beautifully Browned Pie Crust Every Time

By Sinea Pies

In my early pie-baking years, my pie crust edges burned. If I baked them less, the crusts were not done. I shared the problem with my mother-in-law, who always was a wonderful pie baker. She told me to cover the edges with aluminum foil before putting the pie in the oven.  It worked!

How To Keep Those Pie Crust Edges Golden Brown
Nice picture, huh! How I wish I could say that I picked the blueberries by hand, made the filling, the crust and everything from scratch.  But I did not. What I did do was to select just the right the Sarah Lee box from the grocery store freezer, paid for it neatly and brought it home. Whoo hoo! 

Sarah Lee does such a good job, and I was on a time schedule so, Sarah Lee gets all the kudos for the pie.  That's also why you see in the first photo below that there is a little blueberry smear on top of the frozen pie. Something happened in transit. Not my fault! Must have been at the grocery store when they were stocking their shelves.  :)

Here's how to mask those pie crust edges to keep them looking pretty:

1. Remove pie from box and place on cookie tray.
Score the top according to directions to release the steam as it bakes.

2. Wrap the edges, gently, with aluminum foil and bake in your preheated oven. Check directions on package for temperature and time.
Set your timer.

3. Remove the baked pie from the oven when the timer rings.
Gently remove the aluminum foil from the edges and, voilá...
a beautifully browned pie crust.

4. Cool a bit to let the filling settle.
Slice and top with ice cream.

Got any pie-baking secrets?
We'd love to know what they are.
Leave a comment.

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