Ducks 'n a Row: Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #14

26 March 2013

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #14

By Sinea Pies

Easter napkins, beautiful bedrooms, cupcake garden parties, spicy popcorn, homemade doughnuts (yum), amazing coffee station and a lovely green mantel (look for the asparagus): these are featured in this week's Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.  
Creative.  Inviting. Inspired. Beautiful. Tasty. Fun.
And who knows what treasures will be linked up by you, as well!

What a fun way to fold a napkin! A wonderful addition to an Easter table.
This colorfully creative idea comes from The Frugal Girls!
Easter Bunny Napkin

Take a moment to look at this master bedroom makeover. Take a real good look. Fur throw rug! (Not a real bear, right?) Talk about classy. 
This is Suburbs Mama's bedroom. Jealous? 

There are cupcakes and then there are CUPCAKES!
These cupcakes are a garden-party-work-of-art!
Sarah Lynn's Sweets made them. There's more. Go to the post and see. Beautiful.

This variation of popcorn is fun. Sweet and spicy.
What I really love is how she's used a popcorn bag to make a vase!
Inspired ideas from Kittys Kozy Kitten. 

If there is anything that can challenge a diet, it's a good donut. I love donuts (and doughnuts, too). However you spell them, I love them! When I saw this exquisite mountain of yum, I had to share it. Looks so good you can almost smell them. Who can we thank for this tasty temptation? Tidy Mom!

Coffee stations are cool. They are handy, neat, convenient and make a kitchen look so nice. And, they feature my beverage of choice - COFFEE- so all the better. The Taylor House has part of theirs stashed in the cupboard so take a click and see it for yourself: Creating A Coffee Station

Asparagus on a mantel. Look closely. It's there. ASPARAGUS! Isn't it lovely?
This girl's got it going! Talk about imagination.
Lovely spring mantel by Lemon Tree Dwelling

Now join us in this week's Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!
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