Ducks 'n a Row: Cart It, Don't Carry It

02 April 2013

Cart It, Don't Carry It

By Sinea Pies
Professional stunt not try this at home! 
This elementary concept is all too frequently overlooked: when you are taking a trip up or downstairs, bring more than one item with you!  It saves time and energy. 

If something needs to be moved to another room, quickly assess whether more should be leaving the room with you, while you are going.  
If so, put the items in a basket, empty grocery bag or on a serving tray and take them all with you at the same time. 

Does your family eat in front of the TV?  A tray is a great way for someone to carry the dishes back to the kitchen. 

How about the mail? Where do you do your paperwork or store records? Tote the mail there, along with other items that need to be dropped off along the way.  This habit will help you to get so much more done with many fewer steps.

Best tool: your laundry basket. Laundry baskets aren't just for dirty clothes, they are a helpful tool that can become an organizer's best friend! 

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Photo Credit: 
"Baby Girl In A Basket" by Tom Clare on Free Digital Photos

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