Ducks 'n a Row: Go Very-Green With Your Blog Posts

18 April 2013

Go Very-Green With Your Blog Posts

By Sinea Pies

In the context of blog content, "green" posts are posts that will be as fresh to a new reader a year from now as they are today.  Many articles can be "timeless." When teaching about making a nifty craft or sharing a scrumptious recipe, your audience will never think your piece is "old" unless you tell them that it is.

Why should your posts be "green"? Well, they don't have to be but it is wise to make them as delightful to readers weeks, months and years from now as they are today.  You worked hard on them!

Ever come across a great post, notice the date and feel less excited because it was "old"? That's what we're trying to avoid. We work too hard to give our articles a short shelf-life.

Keepin' It Fresh
Tip #1: Don't share prices on supplies or ingredients, unless yours is a couponing/deals blog. The prices will soon be old-news and your post will be, too. Instead, suggest where your readers can get what they need and give them a link to the website where they can find it. 

Tip #2: Holiday posts can't help but "expire." They are calendar-sensitive. Don't you love reading Thanksgiving posts in late October through Thanksgiving Day? After that, not so much. It's just the nature of that kind of post. Holidays come and go. Some retailers have tried to create "Christmas in July" but Christmas is not what I want to read about in July. 

Keepin' them fresh? You could re-tool a great holiday post and run it again next year. Write new material, too, but great posts should be seen again. Do a "blast from the past".

Big Tip #3: Get rid of the date on your posts. At this time, Blogger doesn't allow for that but there is a way around it. Make everything WHITE.  That's what I did!

Go into the advanced settings (after backing up your blog, of course) and set the background of your posts AND the text for the date to white. Though the date is there, no one will see it. That is why my entire site is now white. It was that important to me. You don't have to change your whole look, though. Just the background of the actual post and the date. Here's how you do it in Blogger...

  • Click on "Template"
  • Back up your blog (upper right corner)
  • Now, click on "Customize"
  • Select "Advanced" from the menu on the left
  • Click on "Background" and turn everything to white
  • Click on "Date Header" and make that white too.
  • Click "Apply To Blog" and you are done!
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