Ducks 'n a Row: Open Bloglovin' In A New Window

08 April 2013

Open Bloglovin' In A New Window

by Sinea Pies
Part 2 of the "Blog Help" series on Ducks 'n a Row.

As a writer, I cherish each and every reader. I want them to have the best experience when they come to my page. They should love it so much that they will want to come back. I do NOT want to accidentally send them away, never to find me again. It is my opinion that, if you place links in your posts or on your site that do not automatically open in a new window, you will lose readers.

With that in mind, I found myself stymied at a change at HubPages, my other writing outlet. They removed the option to open a link in a new window. How could they do that? Granted, advanced mousers know how to right click and open in a new window but not everybody does....or remembers. I wanted my readers to be able to click to their heart's content but not lose my page in the process. So, I learned just enough html to get a link to open in a new window! Then I shared it on HubPages in Readers-Keep Them On Your Page including easy instructions for how it is done. (It continues to be one of my most popular posts with over 1400 views and 216+ comments.)

So now we come to my latest discovery, Bloglovin'. I'm lovin' bloglovin'. It disturbed me greatly to hear that Google Reader is going away. I've always received updates from my favorite blogs via Google Reader and email. I love Facebook but that is not the best venue for being sure that you get every post of every blog you love in a timely manner. Facebook serves a different purpose. So, without Google Reader, what would I do?

My Discovery: all of a sudden, I was receiving notices that people were following Ducks  'n a Row on Bloglovin'. I didn't even know what it was! So, I poked around and discovered that it so much better than Google Reader that I wish I'd found it earlier. I even set my Bloglovin' page to open as a tab on my desktop each time I boot up, that's how much I love it.

But then I put the button on my blog, tried it and found that it does NOT open in a new window. It took me right away from my blog. Lost in space (cyberspace), so to speak. Yikes! 

I sent them an email to ask if they could change that but, in the meantime, I am so set on having everything open in a new window that I was in distress.  Then I remembered ... I know how to do this! And I did.  And it worked.  Now I'm sharing it with you...

Here Is How You Do It

COPY: You will need to have the button code first. That is located on Bloglovin’s site in your account area. Go to the account area and copy the code.

GO TO EDITING MODE ON YOUR BLOG: You will be using the “find” function to locate the place in the html code where you should insert your button. The code you just copied from Bloglovin’s site is the button.

Find the place where you want your button to appear. Do this by switching to HTML MODE and then, in the "find" window (control + F), type the words that will appear BELOW or AFTER your button.

What?  Let’s say you are writing a post about planting flowers. The line in the post that will appear after the button says “When you are planting flowers, first prepare the soil properly.”  In the find window, type “When you are planting” “Find” will highlight that phrase so that you can locate it more easily.

PASTE: Just above that line, click on the page and paste in the copied code.

NOW, ADD THE OPEN-IN-A-NEW-WINDOW CODE which is:  target=”_blank    Find the first time your ID number appears in your Bloglovin’ code, the seven digit ID number*.  Within the Bloglovin’ code, directly after the ID number and quotation mark, leave one space and then type target=”_blank”   Now your button will open in a new window. Save your work and you are done!

This is what it will look like:
href=" target=”_blank”><img alt="Follow on Bloglovin" src="" border="0" />

Your blog’s name will automatically appear in the code that you retrieve from Bloglovin’. The seven 5’s are just a sample, as well. Your blog will have its own seven-digit ID number. Note that I have put the target=”_blank” in bold type and highlighted it for you. That is what you will add to the code so that the button will open in a new window. Be sure to put one space before you add the word target.

TIP: if you want your button centered on the page, first get your cursor centered in regular view. When you switch to html you should find the word “center” above the line where you will put your button. Click after the word “center” and paste in the code there.

Follow on Bloglovin

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