Ducks 'n a Row: To Do List...pull a weed!

15 April 2013

To Do List...pull a weed!

By Sinea Pies

As I was reading a recent post on The Unclutterer called "Three Easy Projects for a Monday" I was struck by the simplicity of the first point:  "Pull a Weed"  

How many times have we passed up delving into a project because it was too big for the time allowed?  Days, even weeks, could go by with no move toward improving it.  

If we would take an extra moment to do something, anything, toward cleaning, shining or clearing, eventually whole rooms would be done. 
Pulling a weed is a great analogy!

My favorite examples of "weed pulling" are:
1) shine your kitchen sink or
2) clean a drawer

Others might be:
3) move some stuff to where it belongs
4) make a bed
5) empty a waste basket

There are any number of 5-minutes or less projects that, when done, get you so much closer to peace and tranquility.  As I like to say: "The beauty of an organized life."

So, today... if you are super busy, with little time for extras, do that one thing and "pull a weed". You'll feel better!

Got some great tips for us? Organizing? Time saving? Money savings? Inspiration? 

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