Ducks 'n a Row: Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #18

23 April 2013

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #18

By Sinea Pies

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #18! 
Today we are featuring six great posts: 
  1. A very creative basket of flowers by Bonnie of The Pin Junkie.
  2. Adorable DIY pocket purses, fashioned by Connie of Family Home and Life.
  3. Kids chef hats designed and made by Danielle of Busy Moms Helper.
  4. Amazing spinach Parmesan crusted grilled cheese from the kitchen of Lyuba of Will Cook For Smiles.
  5. A very classy black 'n white floral chairs makeover created by Kristy of 3-Peppers Recipes.
  6. And, Lynn of Turnips 2 Tangerines yummy pineapple upside down bundt cake!
Such a lovely display for springtime from The Pin Junkie is one of several amazing floral ideas displayed on her site: 
Decorating for Spring With Flowers

Which little girl (or big one) wouldn't LOVE a cute denim purse?
They are made from jean pockets!
Connie, you are one creative lady.
Pocket Purses

This is a particular favorite of mine. A while ago I wrote a post on how to throw a chef party for kids and included links where chef hats could be purchased. 
Danielle's DIY Chef Hats are so much cuter and more colorful than the store-bought kind, with the added bonus that it is a project your kids can do with you. I liked it so much that I removed the old links on my post and embedded a link to her post instead.
Chef Party Hats

Love grilled cheese? How much MORE a spinach-feta-parmesan crusted grilled cheese.
Doesn't this look marvelous? 
Lyuba of Will Cook For Smiles created it!

Found this on Pinterest, I think.
Has everyone on the planet pinned and featured it yet? 
It is very popular!
This is such a pretty - elegant - wonderful redo, everyone MUST see it! 
♥ To be sure of that, here it is being featured again. ♥
I would love to have these chairs, wouldn't you?
This Modern Floral Chair Makeover is by 3-Peppers Recipes

Oh yes! Bundt cakes are so pretty. And pineapple upside down? 
Just look at it!

How about you?
Time for a great blog hop! 
Can't wait to see what you have for us this week.

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