Ducks 'n a Row: Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #19

30 April 2013

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #19

By Sinea Pies

Ever think you'd see so much talent on one screen? Last week's blog hop was rich with amazing ideas and tasty recipes --I'm still visiting them. We had over 120 links! A dream come true.

This week's special features:

  • Cream Cheese Croissants by Niki of Niki's Sweet Side.
  • Olive Tapenade Meatball Subs courtesy of Lemontree Dwelling.
  • A creative teaching tool--magnetic letters on a garage door -- for children by Sugar Aunts.
  • Olive Garden Breadsticks, country style, from Dear Beautiful You
  • Nat And Gang's DIY Patchwork Stool.
  • And, Turtle Thumbprint Cookies artfully made by Mom On Time Out.

Cream Cheese Croissants with Cream Cheese Glaze
This recipe is the easiest ever but no one will ever know! It could pass for a work of art straight from a bakery. Secret ingredient....crescent rolls with LOTS of cream cheese, of course! Niki of Niki's Sweet Side confesses that this is her favorite recipe ever. She makes sure there are always crescent rolls in her refrigerator, just in case she has a yearning. :) 
This one could become my favorite, too.

Cathy from Lemon Tree Dwelling and I would get along great...we certainly have the same taste in food. Though I'd never heard of Tapenade, the moment I saw it I could tell it was wonderful. I love, love, love OLIVES. Every kind. Check out this awesome recipe.

Such a challenge to keep our kids busy, isn't it? Using alphabet door magnets on a garage door is such a fun idea. Nothing like kids having a good time while practicing their spelling skills. Thanks, Sugar Aunts.
(Now if we could just get them to wash the garage door, it'd be perfect!)

 When you go to The Olive Garden, what do YOU go for? The breadsticks, right?Me, too!
The lovely sisters of Dear Beautiful You, Christina and Rebecca, hit it right when they chose Olive Garden Breadsticks to mimic.
Now we can make them for ourselves with this great knock-off recipe.

I wonder how many times this post has been pinned.
A zillion? Probably!
The moment I saw it, I HAD to pin it and then share it with you.
Natalie of Nat And Gang is a DIY genius! Don't you just love this stool?

Mom On Time Out, you expect me to have these in my home? Seriously? They have to be the most scrumptious looking cookies I've ever seen. So, if I make them at home....alone...what are the chances that anyone in my family will ever know? They could be gone before anyone ever finds out!

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