Ducks 'n a Row: A Tisket, A Tasket, A Green And Yellow Basket

17 May 2013

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Green And Yellow Basket

By Sinea Pies

So where do you find a "green and yellow basket" when you need one? You Google it and come up with this amazing cake creation by Brianna.

Green and Yellow Basket Cake
food art
Yes, this really is a cake!

As I said in my Love Baskets! post, I love baskets. Every shape. Every kind. I used to have a great big one for my dog's multiplied marrow bones but it disintegrated with age. (Could have built our own museum exhibit with them--"This is what a cow looked like, kids".) We threw the bones away and started over. 

So, I went on a search, looking for some really great examples of types, uses and styles of baskets. Here's what I found...

Bunny Basket

Wouldn't this make a beautiful centerpiece?
Easter eggs for the holiday.
Fruits or flowers the rest of the year.
Did I hear "cookies"? That's a lot of cookies, kiddo, but works for me!

Nesting Baskets
This is my favorite. I love baskets that fit inside each other and MATCH. I love matching things.
decorative baskets; wicker baskets; storage

These furry friends are obviously enjoying my favorite baskets, too. 

Fruit Baskets

fruit baskets; decorative baskets

Amazing what some green grapes can do to create just the right look!

And then there are...
laundry baskets

Hey, if they can be "in a hat"...they can be in a basket. :)

Basket on Wheels
cute baby in a basket; baskets

Professional Stunt not try this at home.

Hanging Flower Baskets
decorative baskets

So, so pretty.
Do you use hanging baskets?

Share your flower basket photos with us on Facebook--CLICK HERE!

Denim Baskets
How to make a fabric basket: DENIM FABRIC BASKETS

Mail Basket
mail basket

I like this but it needs something....a flower?
What do you think?

And, finally, there is the ever popular
Got skills?

Of course, we just grazed the surface in the world of baskets. There are laundry baskets, grocery baskets, Easter baskets...what other kinds of baskets can you think of? 

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 Photo credits...
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  • Cats in a Basket by Stevep2008 - Flickr Creative Commons 
  • Hanging Flower Baskets by Lackland Hardy - Flickr Creative Commons 
  • Denim Fabric Basket from Threading My Way (blog)
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