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02 May 2013

Leave A Clickable Link In Your Blog Comment

By Sinea Pies

Are you a frequent commenter on blogs and websites? I love to visit various sites and leave a note of appreciation.  

Most of us who leave comments also add the URL of our own site so that others can stop by. Do you? Me, too. But, I was finding that not every blog had a field where my URL could be entered. Of course, I could always leave my URL right in my note. 
This is how it would look:
        Sinea from
But that’s not how I wanted it to look. I wanted to leave the name of my blog as a clickable link.

If no one could do it, that was one thing. But I was seeing that some were and some were not. That’s when I decided to hunt around on the internet to find instructions for HOW to do it. Again, it takes a little bit of html, just like setting up links to open in a new window*. But we're learning that we can do a little html, can’t we. Of course we can!

For how to get links to open in a new window, and why it's important: Readers How To Keep Them                           

Here is what I've learned about creating clickable links in the comment area. 
You simply have to add this code in the location where you want it to appear and, when you submit the comment, 99%* of the time it will translate into a clickable link to your page. (*There is one format I've encountered that doesn't change it but that is rare.)

This is what mine looks like:

Insert YOUR blog URL and the title of your blog in the areas that I've highlighted above.

Now, type your code onto a Word documents and save it to use when you are in commenting mode. Copy and paste it in each time you comment. Simple!

For more, visit:

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