Ducks 'n a Row: Like, Like, Like! Facebook now favors LIKING more than ever.

10 May 2013

Like, Like, Like! Facebook now favors LIKING more than ever.

By Sinea Pies

Facebook is changing the way they evaluate fan pages and these changes favor us, the fan page owners. 
Their new method is being beta tested right now in Australia and New Zealand. Parts have already begun elsewhere. The whole thing is due to be rolled very soon.  I have to say that I am just getting my feet wet at understanding all of this but  it is important enough to share what I have learned so far. 

You may have been seeing new features already. Ever gone to someone's page and have clickable photos of several OTHER sites come up? They are presented as something you might like. FREE ADVERTISING FOR THEM ON OTHER PEOPLE'S PAGES. Want to be one of them? Of course you do! Me, too!

So, all of us need to understand the basics now.

We must not consider our Facebook pages as an afterthought. We should tend to them like a precious garden producing lots of traffic for our blogs!

The terminology Facebook is using to describe this new process is called Graph Search.* 
*Links to three articles at end of this post.

Graph Search is a means by which Facebook determines who among our fans will get to see our posts. 

You mean they don't all see it? No, not all of them do. You may "like" many pages and never see their postings at all. 

THIS IS IMPORTANT: The ones you WILL see are other people's pages where you've spent some time. When you "like", "share" or "comment" on a post, it alerts Facebook that you thought it was worthwhile. Facebook assumes you may want to see more of their material so they work it out. That fan page's posts will begin to show up in your news feed again. If you are a frequent "liker", you'll see them a lot more.

From the perspective of you as a blogger with a fan-page, those who write compelling status updates and get active attention from their fans, will go up the ranks in Facebook's estimation of your page's value. You will get more and better positioning among your fans and, someday, your page will get that free advertising on your competitor's pages, as well. Really? Really!

Now, there is more to this and, as a I said, I am just learning this but for the time being, this is what we all should do. 

As part of our weekly blogging routine we should:
1. Build our fan base wherever we can. Facebook values us more if we have more fans! We get higher visibility with them and, therefore, more traffic.

2. "Like" others' pages to become part of their following.

3. Participate! Like, share and comment on the fan pages of our fellow bloggers more than ever before. Clicking "like" takes no time at all. Do it! Hopefully they will stop by someday and like some of yours, too.

4. Write our best content including great, copyright free photos so that not only will it get "pinned" but SHARED on FACEBOOK. (If you are not adding every post to your Facebook page, now's the time to do it!)

5. Post great status updates to Facebook 1-3 times per day. Make them good! 

  • Ask a question that your readers will want to answer...or
  • Take a poll... or
  • Post a funny picture you know they'll appreciate ...and
  • Post your most recent blog post or giveaway.
  • Post someone else's great post (Be sure to let them know. They might do it for you sometime). 
6. Do NOT over-post. Fans may "unlike" you if you bug them too much!

More about it:

As I learn more about these exciting developments with Facebook, I will share it with you.

Leave a comment for me so that I know to come back to YOUR page and do some liking, sharing and commenting for you.

With Love,

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