Ducks 'n a Row: Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #22

21 May 2013

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #22

By Sinea Pies

This brownie chunk cupcake recipe was the most viewed post from last week's blog hop!!! 

Can't you just imagine anyone undergoing a chocolate-attack seeing this picture and clicking faster than lightning! No wonder it was most-viewed!

OK, I love, love, LOVE salmon. 
This sandwich recipe is amazing...and so pretty, too. 
Salmon Burger Asian Slaw Bento by The ROXX Box

My friend, Ashley, has a great recipe blog called Wishes 'n Dishes. One of her most viewed posts is her recipe for Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes, and you can see why!

Every day is an opportunity to celebrate mom. Thanks to Shelly of Dolen Diaries, is a great last minute gift idea that may come in very handy. (You can send one to me!) 

You know how some photos start showing up all over the place. Ducks 'n a Row is not the first to showcase this marvelous recipe but, no matter, I just have to feature it, too. Beautiful!

And last, but not least, some great tips from Connie of Family Home and Life. I just love learning nifty little things to do to stretch a dollar or save some time. This is a great post!

We are all so busy.
Me, too.
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Blogging & hopping is time-consuming. 
Let's appreciate each other's hard work!
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