Ducks 'n a Row: 10 Simple Ways to Save Money PART 2

16 June 2013

10 Simple Ways to Save Money PART 2

By Sinea Pies

Did you miss part one of 10 Simple Ways to Save Money? 

6. Make your coffee at home. You all know that I am a great proponent of skipping the coffee shops, except for an occasional special treat. 

Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts have great coffee but what are you paying for it? If you spend $2 per day on a cup of elite coffee, that is $730.00 per year. $5 per day? That is $1,825.00.  
Let me say that out loud, 
You can finance a lovely Christmas--or a vacation--with that! 

You get the point. Check out the links at the end of this post about how you can get DIY coffee to taste good and keep it fresh!

7. Restaurants I am NOT going to say that you should stop going to restaurants. We need to go to restaurants from time to time. Sometimes it is for a change in scenery. Sometimes it is so that someone else will do the cooking, and cleaning up. Certainly, if you frequent restaurants, cooking at home more often will save money. But when you do go to a restaurant, how can you "have your cake and eat it too"?

  • Go out for dessert. Instead of a full meal, enjoy the change in venue and fun of dining out but limit yourself to ordering appetizers or dessert. You'll save a bundle and still have a good time.
  • Skip the beverage. Stop spending on soft drinks, cocktails or coffee. Ask for ice water instead. You will save at least $2.50 per person. 
  • Take it out! Some of the dining out expense is hidden in the extras: beverages, appetizers, dessert and tip. More and more restaurants offer take-out service. Call ahead, place your order, pick it up, eat at home. Still need a change in atmosphere? Eat it outdoors or at a park. Just stay out of the restaurant!
  • Switch it up and go to a fundraising dinner. Most communities have churches and other organizations that host spaghetti dinners and chicken barbecues to raise money. The food is delicious, price is reasonable and you are helping a good cause . 
8. Seek cheap entertainment. We have already investigated some FREE or nearly-free possibilities in 
but here is a quick list to prompt some ideas:

See a play 
(high school? community theater?)
Find some community concerts in the park
Go fishing 
(remember your fishing license!)
Go for a car ride in the countryside
Visit a petting zoo  

Go out for an ice cream cone
Make homemade ice cream at home
Make some popcorn and watch a movie at home 
Play board games or cards
Go to the library
Go on a picnic
Watch a little league baseball game

9.  Shop Thrift Stores. Gently used clothing can be as good as new, you just have to make regular stops at Good Will or your local thrift store. There are treasures to be found. Many a family has outfitted themselves this way. The savings is tremendous and no one would know that new piece you're wearing isn't brand new, unless you tell them!

10. Shop at home. This is fun. Rather than grocery shopping (or gift shopping), take stock in what you have. 
  • GROCERIES: Go through the refrigerator and pantry (or your closets) and find out what you have. Make meals with as much as you have on hand as possible. You may be surprised at what you find there. I just bought a bottle of Teriyaki sauce not realizing I already had two unopened bottles in another cupboard. Whoops! 
  • GIFTS:  find something new that you can re-gift. Just be sure the original giver isn't going to be there!

Bonus: How To Start Saving Money During the Work Week
Got any good money-saving ideas?
Please share them with us!

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