Ducks 'n a Row: Are ALL Of Your Facebook Fans Getting Your Posts?

22 June 2013

Are ALL Of Your Facebook Fans Getting Your Posts?

By Sinea Pies

You've liked Facebook pages. You've liked many, many Facebook pages but have you noticed that they seem to be missing? You hardly ever see them. You may never see them. Why? 

That is because Facebook has changed things, again. 
Yes, again!

No longer is LIKING a page enough. 
The person who likes a page can now control how often posts 
show up in their news feed.  

This is a great feature for the LIKER, when they know to do it.
It can be miserable for the LIKEE (that would be you, dear Owner of a Fanpage) because so many DON'T know to do it .. or may forget to do it. 
Some of your posts are getting missed, plain and simple. Hopefully not TOO many!

Got 200 ... 500...1000 or more fans?
It is wonderful to have lots of fans but you want them to have access to all of your feeds, don't you? Of course you do!

When I heard about this,  I tried it to see how it works. Then I immediately started writing this post because EVERYONE needs to know and spread the news. 

Setting it up is easy.

Remembering to do it? 
Not so much.
You are going to have to take charge and visit the pages you really do want to hear from and set your preferences.  
In the future, whenever you like a page, set it right then.


  • Click LIKE first to like their page, using your personal Facebook account. (In many cases, you have already done this.)
  • Now, MOUSE OVER the LIKED button and make sure that "show in news-feed" is check-marked. 
  • Next, click on "Settings." 
You have three choices. 
It says "See which updates?"
  1. All updates.
  2. Most updates.
  3. Only the important.

What we WANT everyone to select for our pages is ALL UPDATES. 
Of course, that decision is up to the Liker.

Here's a little exercise for us to use to turn things around...("A homework assignment?" Yes!)

We should ...
  • Participate in every Facebook Link Party we can find. 
  • Look for the sites we have already liked. 
  • Visit them again, mouse over the LIKED button and pick "all updates". 
  • Then visit new ones to like and select "all updates", too.
  • Hopefully, others will do it for our pages as well.
  • TIP: If you don't have time to do it all at once, set the hop to open on your desktop each time you boot up. It will remind you to go back and do a little bit more!

This is totally self-serving but I'm going to say it anyway...please go to my Ducks 'n a Row Fan Page and LIKE it (You may have already done that...thank you so much. Now move on to the next step), mouse over the LIKE button and select "All updates." Thanks!

If you have a FACEBOOK PARTY, or know of one, please share it with  us in the comments. Include the URL and day it usually appears. Thanks!
Hope this has been helpful...

With love,
If this post has helped you, please share it!

Photo Credit: Hand Like Button by tungphoto on Freedigital Photos
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