Ducks 'n a Row: Facebook Frenzy Blog Hop

03 June 2013

Facebook Frenzy Blog Hop


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Facebook Frenzy hop #12


Please read before linking up!

The Facebook Frenzy was created to be a positive experience for all participants. I LOVE this hop!!! :) It was meant to be an enjoyable way to get to know other bloggers and grow the participants Facebook pages by sharing "Likes". I have received TONS of positive comments about this hop and have heard from so many excited bloggers! I have also as of late received a couple of informative emails which made me feel the need to remind everyone what the purpose of this hop is and how it works, so here are a few important reminders:
  • PLEASE "LIKE" FROM YOUR PERSONAL FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! Facebook will not count "Likes" from other PAGES.
  • If someone "Likes" your page, it is not necessary but strongly encouraged that you "Like" Them back. That being said, there is absolutely no room for bullying others who don't "Like" you back.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to send a friendly note to someone who likes you from their facebook's blog page as opposed to their personal account requesting that they share a "Like" from their personal page.
  • REALIZE THAT NOT EVERYONE IS ABLE TO "LIKE" BACK AT LIGHTNING SPEED. We are busy. We are all busy and it may take some longer than others to "Like" you back. I have to admit that I myself am still trying to catch up on "Likes" from 2 weeks ago! Give it a little time before getting frustrated.
  • PLEASE BE GENEROUS WITH YOUR "LIKES". While it is not a requirement to "Like" everyone that "Likes" you, it is definitely encouraged. I personally have absolutely no problem clicking a button if it means helping another blogger out. My personal intent is to "Like" Everyone who Likes my page. (If I have unintentionally overlooked you, please feel free to send me a tap on the shoulder because I would be glad to "Like" your page). This is after all, a FACEBOOK HOP.
  • Be kind, be courteous, be patient.
This hop has been so incredibly positive and enjoyed by so many! Let's keep it that way! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.


Facebook Blog Hop

Here are the classic rules:

1. "Like" Your Host and Co-hosts pages

2. Grab the hop button and place it on your sidebar (or hop page)

Dysfunction Junction
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Dysfunction Junction"><img src="" alt="Dysfunction Junction" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

3. Tweet this hop!

4. leave a comment (With a link back to your blog's Facebook page) If you would like a follow back.

5. "Like" those who are kind enough to "Like" you!


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