Ducks 'n a Row: Introducing Our New PATIO!

30 June 2013

Introducing Our New PATIO!

By Sinea Pies

New patio made with pavers. #patio #homeimprovements #sidewalk Ducks 'n a Row

A bit more than a year ago, I told you about my once-in-a-lifetime blessing. (Home Improvement - A Miracle In The Making) For years I had lamented over our inability to keep up our house. Things were falling down around us. 
I duct taped. 
I camouflaged. 
I washed.
I prayed. 
I tried not to look! 
Looking closely was all too painful. The truth was that our home was fast becoming an eye-sore. I liked winter best--though summer is truly my favorite season--because it was dark outside. In the summertime the flaws were boldly shouting "Why don't you DO something with this place!" But it takes money and, during that very long time, we only had enough to get by. No frills.

Then things changed. We lost two lovely ladies. Both 85 years old. Both born in May 1925. Both were our dearly loved moms and they are so, so missed. But they remembered us and, yes, left us something that allowed us to make the changes that had been long overdue. ( Death, Something You Don't Plan For)

When I wrote that first post, I promised to share the whole adventure with you -- and I will --but it has been such a big project that it is hard to know where to start. 

We'll get to the indoors eventually but, first, let's start with the NEW PATIO!
This "before" picture says it all! 

Our sidewalk was like the rest of our lives (a story for another time)...ugly and BROKEN! The roots of our maple tree in the front yard had pushed up one section while the other sunk. 
It wasn't safe to walk on.
It had to go!

We searched out the best solution. 
Poured concrete was the cheapest but I was longing for something more attractive than that. I was tired of "getting by." I wanted pretty!
Stamped sidewalks can be beautiful but, interviewing others who had them, we found that they can be very slick when damp. A slipping hazard.

So, we went with pavers and made it more than a sidewalk--it is a patio.
I walked through the displays at a local stone and brick supplier and brought home books. Finally, we picked a stone that was two-toned. The color was called "Oceana"..some are gray and some are a grayish green,  like the ocean. The green shows best after a rain.

I was so excited as they pulled up with their equipment that day!

See the deck? That had been a concrete slab that was falling apart. 
Our talented son-in-law, Steve, and our equally as talented grandson, Sean, put a deck right over it! 
They made it look so easy.

It only took a good part of a day and voila!
The patio was in...and I spent much of the rest of the day sitting on that front porch thankfully looking and LOVING IT! 


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...and more to come this year....ssshhh, it's a secret!

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