Ducks 'n a Row: Cupcakes on Parade #5

05 July 2013

Cupcakes on Parade #5

By Sinea Pies

For those who live in the United States, Happy 4th of July!
Parades and Independence Day Celebrations go together, don't they?
So, we are right in tune with the holiday festivities!
This week's cupcake parade includes 10 great posts, the most unusual of which --totally awesome--is the first to be pictured below...

Do you believe these sundaes and bags 'o popcorn are CUPCAKES!
They are.
I found them first on My Honey's Place, a great blog where you can find all sorts of really interesting posts and recipes.
So, I went right over to Make Me My Cake's blog where Eva first posted her amazing creation. I liked, pinned, followed, name it.  Don't ever want to lose touch with the blogs I love (yours, too!).  And then I asked if I could feature the post on our fifth parade and Eva said "yes!"

Now, remember when you are pinning that only my collage and the final image on this post should be pinned from here. Please open the links for all others 
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Sundae Cupcakes and Popcorn Cupcakes

From left to right we have:

Monster Cookie Ice Cream Cupcakes by Living Better Together
Coffee Walnut Cupcakes by The Velvet Moon Baker

So that's it for this Cupcake Parade!
More cupcake fun to come next week.
If you have a great cupcake post to share or would like to send me a tip on one to track down, please email me at

Please share these posts with your friends so that they can enjoy the fun!

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