Ducks 'n a Row: Happy Birthday Ducks 'n a Row!

07 July 2013

Happy Birthday Ducks 'n a Row!

By Sinea Pies

Ducks 'n a Row was born on July 1, 2010 
...we are now 3 years old.

Still loving it!

We have had a total of 191,836 views 
Published a total of 318 posts.
Hosted over 35 blog hops.
Co-hosted 4 blog hops.
Received 1734 comments.
Featured Cupcakes on Parade series (5 parades and counting)
Learned SO much about blogging and writing.
Made LOTS of great friends and earned a little money, too!

Here are our TOP POSTS with the number of views:
"High Five!"


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Home Office 
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How To Declutter Your House And Keep It Organized

I have continued to be baffled about NUMBER ONE except that Google search is probably drawing readers to it because it features YELLOW LABS. I love labs and chose to use them for the photo. Who would have thought that a poop-scooping post would be number one?  LOL
Yellow Lab Puppy 

Photo by Plug Us In 
Flickr Creative Commons

"Thank you" to everyone who reads our posts, leaves nice comments, shares them with others, participates in our Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hops and cupcake parades and make Ducks 'n a Row a fun place to visit in this great big Blogging World!  ♥
With Love,

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