Ducks 'n a Row: Me Time...What's That?

18 July 2013

Me Time...What's That?

By Sinea Pies

success tips, time management, relaxation, peace, quiet

Working endlessly?
Non-stop schedule got you running place to place?
Not enough hours in a day?

If this describes you, then you are probably short on what we call "ME TIME".
Right?  Thought so.

When you hear "ME TIME" what does it say to you?
Totally alone time?
Peace and quiet time?
Doing something that is just for you?

To me, it is not simply time for myself. It is GUILT FREE time for myself.
The guilt may not be real but it sure does FEEL real, doesn't it.
That is because there is always something more that we could be doing.
More cleaning.
More organizing.
Another project that needs to be tackled.

But if you continue to burn the candle at both ends, guess who 
will eventually burn out?  YOU!
"ME TIME" is not selfish.
It is necessary!
To be fresh and recharged and give life your very best, you have to take a break.
So, how do you find this elusive "ME TIME"?
Here are a few suggestions on how to get some quality time for ourselves, then we want to hear from YOU about what you will do with your "ME TIME" when you find it!

1. Get up earlier. That's right. If you rise before the rest of the household, think about it. You'd be alone. You could read. You could pray. You could sit on the porch with a hot cup of coffee and watch the sun rise. 

2. Go to bed later. Now this depends upon your ability to get up on time in the morning and whether your hubby is OK with you not going to bed right away. If so, this ME TIME looks a lot like getting up early but in the reverse.

3. Put something off. If you are running on "low or empty", it is imperative that some things wait while you catch your breath. Do not let it bother you at all to skip running a vacuum or leave the laundry in the dryer while you take a nap. You are not lazy. You are smart!

4. Work smarter. Make a list Using a list will help you to focus on each task and even reschedule some for another day.  If your day is taking over and your list is not being fulfilled, add the things that you DID do so that you don't feel so bad about it. Give your self a pat on the back about what you did accomplish and check those things off.

When you find that time for yourself, what will YOU do with it? 

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