Ducks 'n a Row: Hashtags on Facebook? Yes!

05 August 2013

Hashtags on Facebook? Yes!

by Sinea Pies

Facebook has just entered into "Hashtag World" right along with Twitter and Pinterest. In the past, it didn't make much sense to hashtag on Facebook. Facebook was purely a social center. But Facebook is rapidly making changes that make it more and more like a search engine, while maintaining sociability. The latest is the addition of CLICKABLE hashtags!  

Here's how it works: when posting a status report that includes a link to one of your blog articles, insert a hashtag (#) with the keyword following it. Is your post about making brownies? Then include #brownies in your update. You will see that the hashtag and word are instantly highlighted. Anyone reading it can click #brownies and a new window opens up with a list of posts with brownies in them!

Word to the Wise: before you go "hashtag crazy", remember that the primary use for Facebook remains the same. It connects people to people. It is wise not to clutter your status updates with lots of hashtags. A pile of them could be annoying and impersonal. One or two on relevant posts, though, will help draw new traffic to your fan page and, hopefully, your blog.

NOW,TEST IT OUT:  If you go to a status report on a Facebook page and click on one of the hashtagged keywords, a new window will open giving you a list of Facebook pages that contain similar hashtags. It's like a magnet calling them all together for you. 
Looking for new blog hops? Then click on hashtags that say #bloghop or #linkparty and you'll get a list of others to visit.  Easy!

 yes, it is possible to attract new fans using this method. Each hashtag produces a unique URL and new traffic may very well come to you! That's always good news.  

GO FISHING "Hashtag Surf": Find blogs that write about similar topics to your own by clicking on a hashtag. Visit them. Comment, subscribe and follow. Invite them to your blog hop or to comment on a post. Feature them. Make new friends in a very strategic way!

USE THE HASHTAG METHOD FOR RESEARCH: are you looking for resources? Click on a hashtag that is the keyword describing what you need. 

EXAMPLE: Right now I am researching all angles of Preschool because I am going to be teaching 3 and 4 year olds for the first time this school year. I will be clicking on #preschool or #preschoolprojects to find great articles I can bookmark and learn from. It is an amazing quick index tool. Most people don't share average posts. They share the very best and the very best information on preschool is what I'm looking for. You get the picture!

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