Ducks 'n a Row: Love A Clean Crock-Pot!

12 August 2013

Love A Clean Crock-Pot!

By Sinea Pies

Do you love slow cooker recipes?  Wish every day could be a crock-pot day? That is exactly what I dreamed of, over and over again...but then I'd stop dead in my tracks remembering the MESS of CLEANING the crock-pot. So, I'd opt for another method. 
"That Thing!"
To me, "simple" was very hard when it came to dealing with scrubbing "that thing." First problem, my crockpot is very big. I don't know how big....a gallon of milk would easily fit in it so I guess it's a gallon? Whatever. Second, there is no room in my kitchen cupboards for it. I have to keep it in my storage room and lug it out when I need it. 

I'd only used it once or twice for years, avoiding it like a dreaded disease! Then my very smart 20-something son, Zac, told me "use a liner". 
Use a what?
"A crock-pot liner. You just  throw it away." Throw it away? He was singing my song! Oh, I had thought of throwing the crock-pot away but was he saying that I only have to throw a used liner away? Wow! It opened a whole new way of cooking for me.

I bought Reynolds SlowCooker Liners and they work great! Oh, you may have to wipe some edges clean with a sponge but, for the most part, just throw the liner away and you are done! Totally easy.

My favorite slow-cooker recipe is Beef Stew. I make it once a month, now that I have my liners. Pulled pork is also great in a slow-cooker.l  

Now I'm looking for new slow-cooker recipes. Got any for me? Please share them in the comments. A link to a post would be fine. Gotta stretch myself to do other things with my wonderful, under-used crock-pot!

I did find this recipe for Meatball Sliders on The Frugal Girls. It looks amazing!

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