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19 August 2013

New To Ducks 'n a Row: Featured Blog of the Week

 by Sinea Pies
So what is "Featured Blog of the Week?"

See the first spot on the right sidebar of our Ducks 'n a Row homepage? It showcases a “Featured Blog of the Week.” Each Tuesday I am randomly selecting one blog from blogs of all shapes and sizes --blogs that I really like and visit often--to get the spotlight. 

It’s fun to give away free publicity and bless those who have blessed me. Dear blogging friends, hopefully it will find some new fans and followers for you when your blog gets highlighted.

Our first feature was Raven's blog True Blue Baking... a sweet little blog (pardon the pun). Raven wrote a recipe post that caught my eye,  Sour Cream Cheesecake.  I tried it and LOVED it. So, we struck up an online conversation via blog comments and I really wanted you to get to see her work. So Raven, her great recipes and friendly comments is what inspired Featured Blog of the Week. Be sure to go over to True Blue Baking and subscribe, like, tweet, and pin! Today's post  is 2+ Pound Fudgy Brownies (warning: you could gain weight!)

Our next feature is a blog that I visit so frequently that I eventually set it up to automatically open when I boot up my computer. Save's time! :) 

The blog? Confessions of a Homeschooler. (Since I will be teaching preschool one day a week to home school kids, and have a lot to learn, this blog has become a God-send!)  I haven't started the ALPHABET yet and am already itching to use her Preschool Letter U Activities ideas! 

In future weeks more and more of you will be spotlighted, too. I’ve made so many great friends in just three short years of blogging that I cannot begin to express my appreciation to you all. Hopefully, as time goes on, I will at least be able to do this for each and every one!


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