Ducks 'n a Row: Facebook Fans Hop

14 September 2013

Facebook Fans Hop

By Sinea Pies

"Liking" makes the world go round!
Well, the Blogging World, anyway.

This weekend, let's have some fun and build each Facebook followings!
  • Add your Faceboook FANPAGE URL below.
  • LIKE from your PERSONAL Facebook Page.
  • LIKE as many as you are able to...strive for 5 or more, if possible.
  • Take a moment to leave a nice message or like a post or two


More about how Facebook weighs "likes", "comments" and "shares": 
Like Like Like. Facebook Now Favors LIKING More Than Ever

Photo Credit: Social Media People by renjnith krishnan on freedigital photos dot net
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