Ducks 'n a Row: How To Start Saving Money During The Work Week

27 September 2013

How To Start Saving Money During The Work Week

Guest Post by Kristin Wills 

It’s official!  You are beginning your money-managing plan for your household. You have been able to hold on to quite a few bucks in the bank account from watching your electric and phone bill, but did you ever think about the days at your workplace? Check out these money-saving tips while working during the week.

A big advantage in working within a large company is the amount of employees that work there as well. Perhaps asking those who live around you to carpool is one way to go, and the benefits are indeed there. Not only does it keep you entertained to have company while you are heading off to your job, but it saves you both on gas and car maintenance.  

Even during that time, you can save on gas, by using different perks from your local gas stations. Many grocery stores, such as Kroger (and Kroger-affiliated stores) offer discounted prices on gas if you purchase products from their store. Be sure to take advantage of those benefits because most of them are only for a limited time. Also, keeping your tires inflated properly and replacing your air filter can prevent your gas tank from turning on the gas tank light so quickly.

Bring a Sack Lunch
The average take-out meal per person ranges anywhere between $7-$15. Why not save some dough by cooking your own meals and use any left overs for your lunch the next day? 

Breakfast can be just as simplistic. Buying granola bars and fruits in bulk are a great way to keep your bank account happy. Coupons, either from the newspaper or printer, can be your wallet’s best friend. Check through the weekly ads from your favorite grocery stores to find the best deals on breakfast, lunch and even snack items. 

Always remember that Walmart has their price-match guarantee, so if you find a great deal at another store, you can always head to Walmart and grab it there! Also, while you are shopping at your local grocery store, do not forget to snag one of those reusable tumblers as well to fill up with ice water throughout the day.

Work from Home
Do you have a typical desk job? Ask your boss about the possibility of moving your work to home. There could be explanations as to why you would want to initiate this thought, such as needing to save money on traveling expenses, or because you need to be more accessible to help around more with the house and family. Whatever the reason, there is no harm in inquiring about it.

Discounted Clothes
Okay, so you have a job that requires you to look nice. Your appearance has to be professional-looking when it comes to working most client services. Your bank, however, does not have to break for you to look proficient. Some retail stores, such as Marshalls or Kohls have brand new outfits available to buy for anywhere between $30-$45, while other retail stores offer the same type of clothing for around $150. 

Thrift stores provide gently used clothing as well for a reduced value. If you connect to the internet frequently, online marketing websites, such as Groupon and LivingSocial often share local deals at an even bigger bang for your buck. With all of these choices and possibilities, why would you pay full price for discounted clothes that are just as efficient?

What is the point in wasting money going to the gym, when you have a perfectly good workplace to do even the simplest work outs. The average person spends about $50 a month for a gym membership and all that goes with it. 

If you live close to work, instead of taking the bus or your vehicle, attempt walking there. Not only will it give you a boost of energy, but it will also increase your well-being and slim your waist line.  While you are in the office, use your desk chair to work out your triceps by doing chair dips. Also, you can do push-ups on your desk or lunges in your cubical. Ask your co-workers to get in on it with you.

Pay Bills Online
Many of you use your lunch hour to run errands, instead of using that time for yourself. It is extremely nerve-wracking as it is when you have to work throughout the week. That’s enough! Leave that lunch hour alone and save yourself some gas, stamps and time, and start paying your bills online. 

Many banks and other companies offer Online Pay, where you can conveniently send off bill payments directly from your account automatically, each month, and on time! No hassle, no gimmicks and you don’t have to worry about your bills being late. It is stress-free, fairly accessible and you will be able to ditch any unnecessary spending during the work week.

From meals to bills, the money you can save during the work week can add up quickly, leaving you with a nice amount of money for you to stash away for a rainy day. Use these easy tips and see how much your earnings can add up.

Kristin Willis is the founder of the blog, Coupon Friendly, and a stay at home wife and mom of 4 children from Springfield, Missouri. She has been writing for 2 years and has a passion for it as well as theater arts and music. 

Kristin is also a regular contributor to the CareOne Debt Relief Services blog, a community that provides debt consolidation and money-saving advice.

Thanks, Kristin!

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