Ducks 'n a Row: The Blog Strut Party #9

06 September 2013

The Blog Strut Party #9

The Blog Strut Peacock Style #9 at My Personal Accent
Welcome to the Blog Strut
Thank you so much for stopping by this week's Blog Strut - Peacock Style #9! Our Linky Parties are always rule-free! There are a set of guidelines below but they are just that, guidelines! We want you to post what you want, share what you want, and not have to do anything in return but share the bloggy love!

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Confessions of a Blogaholic
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The host (My Personal Accent) and our co-hosts will pin all of the entries. That's right, all of the entries. We feel that everyone deserves the traffic and exposure. That is why you are linking up, right?
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Last Week's Featured Post
Every week we pick our favorite post The top clicked post and the random wildcard choice and Feature them! We'll also send out a social blast to ask everyone to check out your posts! From last week's Strut we have:
Perimenopause Can Suck It by Oh Mrs. Tucker
Angela's Pick
Perimenopause Can
Suck It Part One and Two by Oh Mrs. Tucker
Perimenopause Can Suck It by Oh Mrs. Tucker
Sande's Pick
Perimenopause Can
Suck It Part Three and Four by Oh Mrs. Tucker
To my cat, before you die by How to Ruin a Toddler's Day
Amber's Pick To My Cat,
Before You Die By How to Ruin a Toddler's Day
How to Organize Your Linky Party Page by Crafty Wife
Top Clicks chosen by you Organizing Your Linky Party Page by Crafty Wife
Rock Painting by Such a Mama
Wildcard Pick
Rock Painting by Such a Mama
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Guidelines for the Blog Strut
We really are rule-free but we ask you that you take a look at and consider these guidelines.
Please post only family friendly content
Please post a link to any of your favorite or most recent posts
You can post as many as you'd like.
If you would like to link to your giveaway or contest please use our
giveaway/contest page link up instead
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Be kind and follow your hosts and co-hosts!
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Pinterest: Are you Pinning it Right?
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Co-Hosts for the Blog Strut
Crafty Wife - Living the Disney Life
Featured Post:
Pleated Clutch with Invisible Zipper
Ducks 'n a Row
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Super Easy Sewing Tutorial
Crafty Wife - Living the Disney Life
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Our Home: Living Room Redo
Make Today Lovely
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Project of the Day: Bedroom Decor






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