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12 September 2013

Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Hi I’m Sue from Crochet Addict UK  I would like to say a huge "thank you" to Sinea for letting me be a Guest Blogger.
First I would like to say I’m no expert. I have been blogging for the last 2 years and it’s only a hobby. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so can’t always guarantee my health. Even though it’s only a hobby, there are some tricks I have learnt that will hopefully be useful to you.
My journey into blogging started when I learnt to crochet. I became an instant addict but didn't know anyone else who also crocheted. I joined a Facebook group and started reading about it in other people’s blog posts. Once I saw how blogging could open the world, I decided that I wanted a piece and started to blog as well.  Each and every new follower gained is exciting. We all say numbers don’t matter but we all shout from the roof tops when we get our first followers and, as the milestones increase, the excitement grows.

My main advice, if you are thinking of starting a blog, is to blog about something you love. You can expand and develop the topics that you cover as it goes but, if you don’t enjoy it, you may struggle to keep motivated long term.

Here are few of the ways that I have found to increase traffic:
Social Media 

Use social media to your advantage.

  • Join a group. Choose one that has similar interests to your blog (Please check the rules when you join as some groups won’t allow you to add links to your blog). 
  • If you can’t find a group create one.  I created the groups Crochet Addict and Crochet Addict 1.  I created my groups so crocheters from around the world could post anything about crochet.  It also means I have a huge group of followers who can come and read my blog, if they are interested. We now have nearly 13,000 members.
  • Facebook Pages. You can also set-up a page for your blog on Facebook.  It gives a quick and easy way for your followers to interact with you. You can give little hints about any up & coming events. Don’t forget to use #tags in front of important words. 
  • You can share with your followers easily and they can interact with you easily
  • A  separate page can be set up for your blog as well as for yourself but they will be linked.
  • +1 on Google is fantastic! Posts seem to be shared more on G+ and it seems to be a platform used more by businesses and bloggers. Google also uses #tags You can also arrange events where anyone who wants to join in can all meet online at a specific time.
  • Using Twitter can bring you more followers as long as you use the # symbol in front of important words. For example:  I always put #giveaway. You will get more people using # tags on Twitter than on most reach a wider audience. More people who aren't a follower of yours are likely to read the information on Twitter.
  • Watch out! You may become addicted but Pinterest is an excellent advertising tool. Pin your images from your blog soon as you post.
  • Create boards that are similar to what you hold on your blog.
  • Pin other people’s pages and pins.  The more pins you have on the subject the more likely you are likely to get spotted, shared & followed.
Interact With Other Blogs
Another good way to increase traffic to your blog is to interact with other blogs!
  • Join blog hops – Sinea’s Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop on  Ducks ‘n a Row is a prime example. Each week 150-200 unique links are shared by various bloggers and it is growing. 
  • Linky Parties – similar to blog hops.  If you craft, crochet, knit, read there are many specific blogs that have a Linky with that theme. An example is Tami's Amis and Other Creations Blog or my Blog Each Wednesday you can link up things you are making and each Friday you can link up things you’ve made.
  • Read and Comment on other people’s blogs – The more you get known in the blogging world the more people are likely to come and read your blog.
  • Giveaways
  • Now this is controversial. You might get people following you who will never read your blog. They are often professional giveaway entrants. It’s what they do, they spend all their time looking for giveaways to enter. However they can increase your traffic greatly. I tend to pick giveaways that my followers will be interested in. I’m a crocheter and my readers are crocheters so I tend to offer crochet patterns as prizes.
  • Be a Host Develop your own linky party or blog hop or offer to co-host another blogger's party on your site. Either way, it opens up the opportunity for new faces to visit your site.
  • Guest Bloggers  - bringing a new demographic to your blog from another blog is a good way to get new followers. Invite others to post an article on your site.
  • Feature Others Be open to advertising other people's blogs & shops. Every week I have something called Thursday’s Handmade Love. I choose a theme, i.e. Angels and I find things I find beautiful on Etsy that meet the theme. I also find crochet patterns on Etsy & Ravelry. Not only do my followers love seeing the different things each week the followers of the people I am presenting also come along to see my blog.
  • Product Reviews. Offer reviews of other peoples products. This one is up to you and doesn’t always bring in vast amounts of new followers but if it’s something your followers would be interested in then it’s worth a try.
  • Share Tell your followers a bit about you. Now this doesn’t always work but I myself prefer to follow a blog where I get to know the blogger. You don’t have to go in depth or get too personal but let your followers know a bit about you.  I must admit I also prefer a realist blog. I love all the fun stuff but sometimes like a bit of drama or reality as I think it’s more interesting.
  • Offer something for free – As I am a crochet designer I am lucky enough to be able to offer patterns for free. If you are a crafter you can also offer a how to.  I also recommend finding other sites where you can link back. It’s amazing how a link on a popular site can increase your traffic.
The above is only what I have personally found. They aren’t gospel and I am sure there are loads of other ways. I hope this little insight can help you on your journey.

Learn more about Sue and visit her blog: Crochet Addict UK
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Thanks, Sue, for all the great blogging tips! 

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