Ducks 'n a Row: What To Do With An Old Silverware Drawer

16 September 2013

What To Do With An Old Silverware Drawer

Guest Post by Angela Swanson of My Personal Accent

I happened to be a thrift shop with my partner in crime, my aunt, who has shown me the best thrift shops in a 40 mile radius.  When I find one that has great prices and a great selection, she has to pull me out of there… I happened to pass by an old silverware drawer with no silver and $2 and thought hmmm not planning to buy silver anytime soon, however, there might be something I can do with this potential treasure.

Usually, I will see something and my creativity starts flowing immediately and I start seeing a possibility. Well that day, I saw a file holder for an office.  Usually, they are metal or plastic and quite unattractive. I am giving my office space a bit of a face lift lately with my new blogging organizer I up-cycled so why not some to organize all the paper I have stacked everywhere.

The space between the drawers was excellent. I used some pliers to take out the hardware and used flexible but strong old sign material to make flat surfaces on each of the levels with a hole. I spray-painted teal on the inside and painted medium shade of grey on the outside and a tad lighter grey on top. 

At this point, it need a focal point or contrast and I was determined to do chevron stripes. Before that moment I had not done them, so I tried different methods and those were some lessons learned! I did come across this great way of measuring it out from this very smart woman who showed that her 5 year old could do it. The article is Easy to Understand Chevron Stripe by Mommy is Coocoo , who gives step by step instructions that are excellent.

By the time, I had found this brilliant article, I had tried and failed the art of making a chevron stripe four times! I even used a stencil. But then came along Frog Tape Shapes in Chevron. The most amazing stencil-like tape that doesn’t bleed through. (This is not a sponsor review, I am just tickled pink that it worked). There are two other shapes as well. If you follow the instructions it is really easy.  I used yellow acrylic paint to contrast with the blue and grey. Finally, this project is done and has a breath of new life. It is being reused as it should be.

Hi! I am Angela Swanson, founder and eclectic blogger of My Personal Accent!.  I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I learn by doing or by trial and error. Don't we all at some point?  I love to take something old and unwanted and turn it into something awesome and new. I like to treasure hunt and I know where to find the best deal and if you can Google it, I can find it!. Thank you for stopping by and reading my post at Ducks 'n a Row!

Thanks so much, Angela.
Who would have imagined a $2 silverware drawer could grow up to become a high-fashion file folder holder? You did! Brilliant!

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