Ducks 'n a Row: 7 Great Vinegar Cleaning Tips For Around the House

06 October 2013

7 Great Vinegar Cleaning Tips For Around the House

Vinegar is not only a fantastic condiment, but is a great cleaner too and can be put to a whole range of amazing uses around the home. One of the biggest worries for people with children around the home, or even for their own health is the sheer range of chemicals in cleaning products.

As you know from the ‘X’ on the bottle, these products are poisonous and can do damage. Of course, the effects of even using them to clean can cause a degree of trepidation. Using non-toxic goods such as vinegar to clean makes a lot of sense. So, let’s take a look at where we can implement it into the home.

Washing Machines
The washing machine takes a battering, especially if you have little ones around the home. However, vinegar can really help here. Washing machine pipes tend to get quite blocked and this gunk can be hard to clean, often requiring harsh chemicals. This is not what you want when washing clothing as there is often the chance residue will remain. In such a scenario a few liters of vinegar can be a great alternative to chemicals. Simply, pour a few liters in and let it work its way through the machine. It will dissolve the gunk and clear your pipes in no time at all.

Another amazing use for vinegar is surprisingly as a fabric softener. Pouring a cup of vinegar into a washing machine instead of softener will work to natural soften clothes. It’s not just cheaper than the alternative, but also a lot better and healthier.

Mirrors and Glass
Vinegar is an excellent product for cutting through dirt and grime on glass and mirrors and keep things sparking. In the case of glasses, simply wipe the surface with a clean cloth soaked in vinegar to see its cleaning effects. Mirrors can be cleaned with a spray of half water and half vinegar. Follow this up by wiping it down with old newspaper to bring the shine back.

Vinegar is also a great carpet cleaner and ideal for cleaning red wine. Simply, rub it into red wine to remove the stain – saving on a carpet cleaner hire.

By mixing vinegar with olive oil in a solution that’s one part vinegar and three parts olive oil you create a non-toxic polish that leaves a fantastic shine.

Just as it did for the washing machine, vinegar can be used to clean drains and can save you hundreds of pounds and lots of hassle when doing so. Simply, pour the vinegar down the drain with some boiling water and it will remove any grime in no time at all.

Place a cup of vinegar in your dishwasher during its cleaning cycle to clean the surrounding area. It’s far better than most specialized products and also a lot less expensive.

The Bathroom
Vinegar is also an excellent product for killing germs and works fantastically as a toilet cleaner. All you have to do is pour it into the toilet, down around the bowl and then leave it for half an hour before flushing. It will have killed almost every germ in the meantime.

Cormac Reynolds has written for a range of cleaning and home keeping magazines. He is a writer and journalist.

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