Ducks 'n a Row: Different Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Bigger

28 October 2013

Different Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Bigger

modern lighting fixture
When it comes to decorating, an incredibly small floor area can make the entire process doubly difficult. For one, it could be tricky putting all your desired details together without making the space look cramped. Second, you have to be careful about the colors and theme you choose so that they don’t make the lack of space too obvious.

Decorating small bedrooms so that they look and feel more spacious is feasible, but it’s important to remember that goals should not be limited to visually increasing space. Maintaining as much functionality as there would be in larger bedroom spaces is important, as well.
To be able to achieve all these, you need to have the knack or at least some knowledge on combining all the right elements and creating a more functional, bigger-looking small bedroom.

The power of color to expand or shrink space is no secret. If you are looking to make small spaces look and feel bigger, see to it that you take advantage of flattering color schemes. White, for example, bounces light and dissolves the constricted feel of walls, giving the room a light and airy feel. Using the same color for the walls, ceiling, and floor also creates continuity and gives a roomy illusion.

Since you are looking to conserve floor space as much as possible, making use of wall sconces or ceiling light fixtures instead of floor and desk lamps is a better idea. Recessed spot lighting and torchiere lights which reflect light from the ceiling to the floor are also great choices for small bedroom spaces. Be sure to pick quality when shopping for modern light fixtures – click here for some examples of top notch lighting accessories online.

bedroom, mirrors, decoratingSmall spaces, when excessively adorned, will only look smaller. Make sure to pick a few right pieces that will help create depth to the room – like a huge painting. Refrain from putting several small decors on the wall as this will make a small room feel smaller. Putting up a mirror on one side can also help create an illusion of space, so be sure to install one where it will do its trick best.

An overwhelmingly huge, sprightly detail can eat up space and give the room a cramped look, so if you’re adding a piece of furniture in your hobbit-size room, make sure that it is of reasonable size and in a color that blends with the rest of the room. For chairs, draw them near to the wall to open up space in between. A quirky, transparent chair or bedside table will not only give a unique look, but can also clear up space.

The tips mentioned above can incredibly make your tiny room look and feel more spacious; however, options are not limited to these. As you go through your decorating process, make sure to seek advice from an interior design professional, or at least do some research. There are a number of reliable home improvement resources that you can take advantage of nowadays.

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