Ducks 'n a Row: Easy Steps to Transform a Kid's Bedroom to a Teen's Bedroom

31 October 2013

Easy Steps to Transform a Kid's Bedroom to a Teen's Bedroom

For kids who are transitioning into their teenage years, it can be a challenge to update their room into a more mature space that they can feel comfortable in. Not only should the updated room offer a great design, but should be more functional for a teen that may spend their time playing video games, surfing the web, or finishing their homework.

Add a Desk
Kids often have fun items in their room that include a toy chest, board games, or a large dollhouse that is used to keep them busy and have a bit of fun. 

For teenagers, they'll likely need a work-space that allows them work on their schoolwork, or complete projects on a computer without wanting toys anymore. 

Add a desk that has plenty of drawers and space for them to decorate, and include framed photos and fun accessories. Incorporate a clear Lucite ghost chair, which is a cool and modern addition for teens to enjoy.                                                                                                                                                                                              
 Update the Curtains
Throw out dated curtains and opt for a cooler trend for your teen. For girls, a bold chevron print will create a stylish look that adds plenty of detail to the room. For guys, opt for basic prints that include stripes or plain shades like blue or gray. If the right style of curtain is chosen, it will make it easier to not switch out the pattern every few years. Girls will likely enjoy floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains that are chic and sophisticated in design.

Add a New Bed
Many kids enjoy having a bunk bed in their room in their early years as a great way to have friends over for sleepovers. Although the type of furniture is quite functional, it's not ideal for teens who want to appear more mature. Opt for a twin or full bed that will work to comfortably fit a growing teen and has a new comforter and sheets. Allow the teen to pick out their favorite style, as animal prints or geometric designs are popular for girls, and guys often opt for masculine shades. For girls, modern canopy beds will add plenty of dimension to the room and allow the young girl to feel more mature with the feminine furniture.

Painting a room is one of the easiest ways to quickly transform a space and create a new canvas of what the design of the room will be. Use various paint samples that will give insight as to what the new shade will do for the room, and opt for lighter colors that will prevent the room from appearing smaller. One of the latest trends is using wallpaper, which can be applied to one of the walls for a bit of detail and eclectic design that is popular among teens and fun to incorporate.

Upgrade Old Furniture  For girls and boys who may have had the same type of dresser or nightstand since they were a toddler, it's important to upgrade the look that is likely outdated without spending thousands of dollars on new pieces. For wood furniture, sand and stain the wood with a finish applied for an affordable way to make the pieces 
look modern and new again. Opt for darker furniture for boys, which will create a masculine looks, as girls can enjoy having furniture with distressed wood for a vintage and feminine style.

Enhance the Closet Space 
As kids grow, they begin to need more space for their clothes, sporting gear, and even jewelry. Add shelving in the closets for an easy way to store folded jeans, and an extra rack for sporting equipment, like football pads or cheer uniforms. As teenage girls likely acquire more clothes when they begin to have a love for shopping, it often requires more space in their closet. Use thin velvet hangers, which use less space than traditional plastic ones, and will prevent the closet from becoming a mess by securing the clothing item and preventing it from slipping off of the hanger. Adding a full-length mirror is also important, as teens begin to care more about their appearance and the outfit they choose for the day.

Add New Wall Art 
Replace old wall art with upgraded pieces, which can include framed posters of the teen's favorite band, or perhaps a television show that they enjoy. A fun and playful chalkboard can also be added, which will allow them to write fun messages or quotes, as well as reminders. 

Hang a large bulletin board on one of the walls to allow the teen to hang pictures from magazines without resorting to taping them directly onto the wall. It will allow the room to look more organized and will keep the magazine clippings to a minimum.

Daniel Johns is an interior designer with over 10 years experience in the industry. Having decorated over 500 homes throughout his career, he recommends Curtain World as a leading provider of modern and stylish curtains and blinds in Perth WA.
Thanks, Daniel, for great decorating advice!

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