Ducks 'n a Row: Five Important Things to Remember When You Childproof Your Home

14 October 2013

Five Important Things to Remember When You Childproof Your Home

To keep your child safe from hazards that are found throughout your home, you need to take the right measures to properly childproof every room, as well as your backyard. This will prevent accidents that could lead to serious injuries or even death in children. 

But childproofing is not as easy as you may first imagine it to be. Continue reading for five important things you need to remember while you are going about childproofing your house.

Protect Your Child from Dangerous Windows

Windows can lead to deadly falls, so protect your child by always locking your windows shut. When your windows are open, make sure there are at least two safety screens in the way, and repair them right away if any tears occur. Keep your windows open just a few inches, though, as these screens will not protect your child from a fall if he or she is leaning into them with his or her weight.

Prevent Kitchen and Bathroom Accidents

There are a lot of hazards in your kitchen, from your hot stove to all of the chemical-based cleaners that are found in the cabinets. And if you store medications in your kitchen cabinets, there is that hazard as well. To protect your child, purchase childproof locks that will prevent him or her from opening up any of your cabinets. 

Apply the same safety measures to your bathroom cabinets, which also contain a host of products that can be detrimental to your young child's health. You can also purchase guards that you place over your stove's controls so that your child will not be able to accidentally turn on the stove when you are not looking.

Block Off the Stairs and Dangerous Rooms

Any stairs in your home pose a huge threat to your child. Safety gates are the perfect way to block off the entrance to your stairs from both the top and bottom. Make sure that these screw into the wall for optimal safety, especially when placed at the top of your stairs.

For rooms that have items within them that can pose risks, you can also use safety gates that are difficult for a child to get through but are easy for an adult to open, close, or remove. This will ensure that your child will be unable to enter any areas of your home that he or she should not be in without adult supervision.

Apply Corner Protectors

Corners on furniture can be dangerous to children who have poor coordination and balance. To prevent injuries, apply rubber bumpers to all sharp corners so that your child will be cushioned if he or she ever falls into them.

Set Up Boundaries to Your Swimming Pool

One of the most dangerous things in your yard is your swimming pool. If your child has access to it, he or she can easily slip and fall into it and drown. Because these accidents are quite common, take precautions before tragedy strikes. Do so by installing safety fences for swimming pools. Many are more attractive than you think, and these can also protect your pets. 

Emily Parker is a freelance blogger who enjoys writing about childcare and parenting topics. She knows from experience just how hard it is to keep a young, curious child out of the dangerous areas of a home. That is why she always makes sure to purchase the best child safety products that are proven effective.

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