Ducks 'n a Row: Five Tips To Dress A House Before You Sell It

03 October 2013

Five Tips To Dress A House Before You Sell It

Guest Post by Luna Rockwell

We all like to look our best. When preparing to market a home for sale, first give your house a helping hand to do so. You know, selling a house is one of the most distressing of first-world problems. Presenting your house at it’s greatest advantage will give you a confidence boost and will make it so much easier for the real estate agent who has to write the blurb.

Rug Up

If you've been trying to sell, and have already moved most of your stuff out, chances are the place looks pretty bleak. It is much easier for candidates to have warm feelings toward the house if it looks cozy, much easier to imagine it as their home if it looks homey. 

Laying a few rugs throughout the house is a brilliant way to add color  texture and to soften the whole layout, making it look more snug and habitable. Click here to check out the full range at Rugs A Million to find something that will work a treat in your place within your budget.

Quieten Down

If you live in a high traffic area or, heaven forbid, a flight path, do whatever you can to make sure the house is well insulated for sound as well as heat. Fixing up any insulation issues will help for both. Make sure the seals on the door and windows are in good condition, and that all the relevant areas of the house are stuffed with that inedible pink fairy floss.

Put a New Light On the Situation

Lighting is the most essential aspect of any interior; cold, grim lighting will make the place seem drab, cramped and thoroughly unlovely. 

If you want prospective house-buyers to imagine the house as their own home, get some tall and standard lamps and dot them throughout the house and turn them on during inspections rather than or as well as the over-head lights. 

Swap all the light bulbs in the house from cold white to warm white if you haven’t already; why’d you live with cold white light bulbs all that time?

New Lick of Paint

It’s time for a feature-wall. You missed out on living with one and the untold advantage you might have enjoyed, but now’s your chance for a splash of 
mulberry, teal, forest green or ochre.

Greenery Inside and Outside

When house buying candidates come to check out your house, the first thing they’re going to encounter on the trek to your front door is your garden, or lack thereof. Don’t break your back or your budget in sprucing it up, but laying some hardy ground cover over the most barren bits will make a big difference in the color scheme, and thus in making a general impression of lushness. 

Don’t bother trying to establish trees or shrubs or any such thing, or sad wilting marigolds lining the driveway; hardy little plants like Dichondra or Nasturtium are the way to go. And, if worse comes to worst, then no one need know it’s AstroTurf.

Thanks, Luna.

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Photo Credits:
Interior Design by Salvatore Vuono Freedigital Photos
Add Light by Endersto7 on Flickr Creative Commons
Buckets of Paint by David Costello Domenici Freedigital Photos
Dichondra Flowers from Wikipedia Commons

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