Ducks 'n a Row: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

01 October 2013

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

By Sinea Pies

how to fold a fitted sheet #bedding #organizing Ducks n a Row

Do you know how to fold a fitted sheet? Can you do it well? Personally, I stink at it. I watched this fun video by Martha Stewart, thinking it might help. Can't say I totally conquered it, but I sure enjoyed seeing that I am not the only one frustrated by the need to fold them!  

So, now what?

Actually, my solution to the dilemma of how to fold a fitted sheet has been to not do it at all.  
My arms are too short.  I mean it.  Did you see how these ladies were stretching their arms to get them into the corners?  At my 5 foot 2 inches of shortness and folding a King Sized fitted sheet? Well, it is not doable. 

So, the answer is to only own one set of sheets per bed. That way I am FORCED to wash, dry and put them back on the bed immediately. Problem solved!

Our 20-something son Zack, though, needs to learn this technique.  He lets his dog, Troy, sleep in his bed with him and, therefore, has purchased several sets of bed linens to keep it clean (for which we are very glad).  

His folding technique? Balling up the clean, unused sheets and throwing them in a corner! Can anybody tell me how to get him to watch this video? 
What is your greatest laundry challenge? Let's share some ideas!

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photo credit: Bedroom by piyato on freedigitalphotos 
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