Ducks 'n a Row: Useful Tips for Cleaning in The Last Minute

21 October 2013

Useful Tips for Cleaning in The Last Minute

Guest post by July Minor

You have spent the whole day at work and you have completely forgotten about the important dinner with your spouse's parents? Or your partner has informed that they invited some friends to stop by and watch a movie the very last minute? Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

And just to make things better, your home happens to look like a polygon for testing some small hydrogen bombs than a place to live in. Try not to freak out – even if you have only half an hour before your guests arrive this is enough time to make your home look good enough. The system we are about to offer you will save you a lot of trouble and unwanted emotions, not to mention the fact that it is able to save you some arguments with your partner.

Try to follow these simple rules, or at least some of them, in order to manage to clean and tidy up your home in the last minute:

The first thing you need to do set up your priorities and consider which rooms need to be cleaned first. If you have some friends who are coming to stay for the night, clean the rooms that they will actually use first, as well as the bathroom and the living room, for example. After all, choosing only a couple of rooms in the entire house, will save you a lot of time and stress.

Call out for some help
Ask your spouse and your children to help you clean up by putting their things in order. Ask them to gather the clothes and toys scattered around the house and to do some easier house cleaning chores such as dusting the rooms, for example. This will not only speed up the overall cleaning process, but will also reduce the amount of work that you need to do.

Clean the windows from the inside and also the other glass surfaces at your home

This may sound like something useless, but window and glass surfaces cleaning will make your home look cleaner. Any fingerprints on the mirrors and windows look more like confession that your house is a mess, no matter what you are trying to demonstrate.

Make sure you dust the house
Ten minutes may not be enough to wipe the dust in your entire home, but try to stick to our first rule – prioritize. Dust the rooms that your guests are supposed to use. So, in order to make your guests think what an incredible housewife you are, grab the dust towel right now.

Clean the pet hair
If you have a pet at home, you know how boring it is to deal with pet hair everywhere. Make sure you check the upholstery and the flooring and use an microfibre towel that will help you deal with the problem.

Take care of the bathroom
Clean all the mirrors and make sure you get rid of the toothpaste and soap stains covering the bathroom sink. Do not forget to take care of the mess around the sink and tidy up all products you use on the shelves or in the drawers under the sink. Remember to clean the toilet, too.

Change all the towels
Put some clean towels in the bathroom. No body likes to use a dirty towel that somebody has already used before.

Tidy up the items gathered in the living room that you don't actually need.
If there are magazines, books or toys everywhere around the house, tidy them up. This way you will not only take care of the mess but you will also make it easier for you when you are looking for something specific.

Make your kitchen sparkling-clean
Wipe the kitchen counter and all surfaces with a clean towel you have previously soaked with plain water or a special cleaning product. This way you will make your kitchen look cleaner and tidier than ever before.

Refresh the air
Do not forget to add some pleasant fragrance in the air in order to make the atmosphere more relaxing and comfortable. A great idea is to light a few aroma candles up. Do not forget that most people associate fresh aroma with cleanliness.

Author Bio: July Minor is passionate freelance blogger and writer keen on topics about cleaning. She currently works at company which offers tenancy cleaning services and that is why she is so experienced in cleaning

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