Ducks 'n a Row: What the Colour of Your Home Says About You

05 October 2013

What the Colour of Your Home Says About You

Most people decorate their home using colours that they like. They don't really give much thought into why they like them or what particular meaning they might have - it's just usually based on a gut instinct. Yet, in actual fact, colour experts argue that the shades and tones you use in your home can actually reveal a lot about your personality. Read on to find out more.

Gain an insight
Have a walk around your home. Can you notice any themes or similarities in colour choices in each room? Even if you decorate rooms in different colours you may still notice a dominance of a certain colour or shade trying to outdo all of the other colours. So, what does this say about you?

Red is a very bold and daring choice to opt for in the home, and it often reflects in an extrovert or lively personality. Advocates of red colours enjoy socialising and are often very passionate, but may have a quick, fiery temperament. If you want to add red to your home, then be selective of which room to use it in, as it's a strong colour.

There are lots of different shades of blue, from soft light blue to navy tones. If you prefer darker blues then you're likely to be a dynamic person, who is a leader rather than a follower. Lighter tones of blue suggest a gentler nature. Blue is also a very calming colour, so it highlights someone who doesn't like conflict and prefers peace to chaos. It can also symbolise someone who is loyal, trusting, clever and confident. Blue is said to suppress the appetite, so if you have a blue kitchen, you may find that you never feel hungry at home!

This sunshine colour suggests you are likely to be a warm, caring person who enjoys life and has a pleasant, cheerful nature. You're likely to have lots of energy and an independent streak. Fans of yellow will probably know their own minds and set their own goals, which others will admire. However, if you overuse yellow at home it can have the opposite effect, and may suggest a very anxious or insecure personality.


This earthy, nature-inspired tone in the home can suggest a person is stable, emotionally secure and peace-loving. If you prefer bright greens, then you're positive and optimistic. A home that makes use of lots of light green denotes someone who is a good listener and compassionate. However, if your choice of green shade is more of the darker type then beware - you could be labelled as greedy with jealous tendencies!

Orange hues in a home suggest its owner is happy, bubbly and creative. You are probably enthusiastic and determined with everything you do, and easily reap success. Orange is said to be a colour that stimulates the appetite, so if you have an orange kitchen or dining room, blame your colour choice if you tend to over-indulge now and again!

Black is a very harsh, masculine colour to have in the home and can signify power and strength. But, it can also be associated with someone who is a bit of an enigma. You probably relish formality and order in your life.

This post was written by Crispin Jones, the resident blogger for Internal Doors. Crispin’s interests range from DIY to web development and everything in between.

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