Ducks 'n a Row: You Will Love Your Tub Chair

07 October 2013

You Will Love Your Tub Chair

After another long day or night at work, your first thought after arriving home is likely to collapse into the nearest chair: a leather sofa perhaps, or maybe your old armchair. But have you ever considered a tub chair as a comfy and stylish alternative?

The rise of the tub

Tub chairs first rose to prominence in France back in the mid-eighteenth century, becoming King Louis XV’s chair of choice in the French court and, consequently, a symbol of luxury and comfort amongst the French aristocracy.
Later that century, tub chairs were especially popular in the American north-east, in cities such as Philadelphia and Boston (although they were actually first introduced there around a hundred years earlier, by the Boston cabinet-maker, George Bright).

It was not until around the Victorian period that tub chairs became fashionable in England. Later, in the early twentieth century, tub chairs were the ‘height of cool’, strongly influenced by the Art Deco movement that encompassed rich colours and bold shapes.

The modern tub

Since then, tub chairs have fallen in and out of fashion, but in the twenty-first century, they are now more popular than they have ever been. This is likely due, at least in part, to the chair’s enduring design, with its high arms and wide back that cleverly curves around you as you sit in it, allowing your whole body to relax as you sink into the tub.

Tub chairs now come in a range of different styles and materials. Fabric chairs are commonplace - plain and patterned, striped and spotted, whilst some are even available in velvet! Leather tub chairs have always been popular, both faux and real, as well as suede tubs and, more recently, plastic.
tub chair, leather tub chair, chair

A wide choice

In fact, there are many hundreds of different tub chairs available to consumers today. Chrome tub chairs put a modern take on a classic design, for example, whilst a swivel base allows a tub chair to turn in all directions, making it practical as well as comfortable.

Moreover, designer colors make tub chairs a stand-out item of furniture in a room. Light and simple colors especially can add a crisp and fresh look to a living space, whilst darker colors suggest elegance and sophistication. You will still find traditional-looking tub chairs widely available too, such as the Bristol or Chesterfield tub chair. These are classic furniture items that will, it seems, never go out of fashion.

Irrespective of your design and color choice, tub chairs are generally very affordable. It is perhaps because of this reason, as well as their comfort, that tub chairs are not only found in homes, but also in a variety of other settings, including hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and even libraries.

First choice

It seems that more and more of us are choosing tub chairs over the humble armchair. Really, it is no wonder: they can be cozy and relaxing, modern or traditional, colorful or plain, chrome or wood. Tub chairs are large enough for comfort, yet compact enough to suit a small room.

As a consequence, people across the land are making tub chairs their first choice for comfortable and stylish seating. Once bought, you will always love your tub!

Photo credits:
Woman on Tub Chair by ambro freedigital photos

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