Ducks 'n a Row: Black Friday Prep: 3 Gift Ideas for 3 Different Types of Manly Men

24 November 2013

Black Friday Prep: 3 Gift Ideas for 3 Different Types of Manly Men

Love it or hate it, Black Friday is less than a week away.  And although the amount of human traffic isn't ideal, the prices are undeniably impressive and worth taking advantage of. 

No matter what kind of gift you're looking to get, there's going to be a deal for it offered by a slew of the best companies and their competitors.  This is the day when competitors pull out the big guns and fight for your business … with the lowest prices … ever.

Like I said, for some people, Black Friday is a trip.  But it doesn't have to be.  There's a way to get that great gift for a great price and still keep your sanity.
If you walk in those crowded stores (or that online shop) and know what you're looking for, you're going to avoid frustration and stress.  You're going to get the gift you want – along with the deal – and leave the store (or your computer) unchallenged and optimistic.

To prepare you for Black Friday and the hardest shopping ever – shopping for men – I'm going to give you a few gift ideas.  Specifically, ideas for the manly man.  The man who drives trucks, shoots guns and grows the occasional beard.

With these ideas, you'll be able to reduce browsing time so you have a better chance of hitting that ORDER button before you see that soul-shattering message, OUT OF STOCK.  Or, if you're going directly to the store, you'll be able to dodge people more efficiently with a clear idea of where you're going and what you're getting.

Why am I doing this and what makes me qualified?  Because I love shopping and, as a man with eclectic taste, I know what men like.

Male Type: Hunter/Gun Collector  
Gift Idea: Gun Safe

I'm not talking about a plain, black-box gun safe that opens with a key.  I'm talking about a real gun safe.  One built for a man, equipped with thick steel walls, a vault door, tons of space and a craftsman build.  I'm talking about a gun safe that the president of the NRA would approve of.
To find a gun safe like this, I recommend nowhere else than Sportsman Steel Safes.

 Male Type: Truck Driver  
Gift Idea: Enclosed Trailer
Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted a Ford F-150.  Living in a suburban community surrounded by open land and farms, I would see tons of them on my way to and from school.  They amazed me, and the different things they could haul – jet skis, boats, large broken-down vehicles, trailer homes and more.  They looked divine and worked divinely.

However, I'm not suggesting you get your hubby or father a brand new F-150.  If you want to bring a smile to their face at a way lower price, get them something to complement the truck they already have.  This year, I recommend any one of the enclosed trailers from The Trailer Superstore.

Why an enclosed trailer?  Simply because it offers a massive amount of storage space that's protected from the outdoor environment.  This, combined with a truck bed cover, will give him all the protected truck hauling space he's ever wished for.

Male Type: The Collector 
Gift Idea: Self Storage Space 
Whether he collects guns or different attachments for his truck, self-storage is an amazing thing for a man to have.  It's also good for you, too.  Instead of 
him storing all those seemingly unnecessary things in the basement, now he has a place of his own.  A place for all his oily, manly bells and whistles.
Have you ever been driving and seen a fenced-in, secure lot with garage-like units?  That's probably a self-storage area.  Check it out and see if they're offering any holiday discounts.  If they are, ask about their security and features.

If you live near Richmond, check out Extra Attic's self-storage in Virginia.  These are guys I've worked with before who provide friendly service and an air-tight secure storage space.

Robert Gibb is a writer who currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.  He loves the holiday season and is looking forward to hunting this year.  He still doesn't have that F-150 but is keeping his fingers crossed for the 25th of December. 

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